In the cleaning of variable speed pool pump parts, the cleaning requirements of plated and bonded parts are not high in cleaning quality. It is often the cause of coating or bonding failure, and the cleaning quality of the parts assembly has a great impact on the service life of the machine. As the cleaning is seriously unqualified, a large amount of abrasive infiltrates into the important friction pair or the lubricating oil channel is blocked by dirt, which leads to the early wear and accidental damage of the machine. It often occurs in some insufficiently formal repair work, and attention must be paid. To clean several parts of a variable speed pool pump, the specific basic principles of cleaning will be explained in detail later to make pool pumps become energy saving pool pump.

variable speed pool pump

1. Scrape off the scale and rust accumulated on the inner and outer surfaces of the impeller, the seal ring, the bearing and other places, and then clean and blow it off with water or compressed air.

2. Obliterate the grease and rust accumulated on the joint surfaces of the shell.

3. Scrub the water seal pipe and check whether the pipe is unblocked.

4. Clean the bushes and bearings, remove the grease, and then clean the oil ring and oil level gauge. The ball bearings should be cleaned with gasoline.

5. The components not to be assembled temporarily should be protected with oil after cleaning. The basic principle of cleaning variable speed pool pump is that all cleaning methods must fully consider the following basic requirements.

1) Ensure that the requirements for the cleanliness of the parts are met. During repair, various parts have different requirements for cleanliness. In assembly, the cleaning requirements of mating parts are higher than those of non-matching parts, moving parts are higher than static mating parts, and precision mating parts are higher than non-precision mating parts. For the surface of sprayed, plated, and bonded parts, the cleaning requirements are very high. When cleaning, different cleaning agents and cleaning methods must be adopted according to different requirements to ensure the demanding cleaning quality.

2) Prevent the corrosion of the parts, and no corrosion of any degree is allowed to the precision parts. When the variable speed pool pump needs to be parked for some time after cleaning, the anti-rust ability of the cleaning fluid or other anti-rust measures should be considered.

To conclude, only when the variable speed pool pump becomes cleaner can it works efficiently and appears to be energy-saving pool pump.