Some people may find it difficult to keep the inverter pool pump sealed, as a result, the pool pump can no longer become the most energy- efficient pool pump. Here are several crucial steps for people to achieve sealing property:

1. Make failure analysis of mechanical seal necessary. Statistics at home and abroad show that mechanical seal failures account for 50% to 70% of inverter pool pump failures, and aging failures account for 10% to 30% of mechanical seal failures. Most of them are accidental failures.

2. Perform well in failure analysis. The personnel who conduct failure analysis must have two conditions. One is to have a certain understanding of the inverter pool pump, while the other is to have a wealth of practical experience. In addition, they must also love their work and go deeply into the actual situation to conduct failure analysis in person.

3. Make maintenance records and failure analysis records tables, such as operation account and pump repair account. The seal failure phenomenon, failure location, failure time, causal analysis and improvement measures should be recorded timely and accurately.

4. Data collection. Judge the source correctly and investigate carefully. The investigation process is to inquire, observe, inspect necessary tests on the on-site conditions. That is to collect on-site data (including understanding and research of historical maintenance records and equipment file data), but also to pay attention to the authenticity and completeness of the data, and conduct on-site observations in depth.

5. Conduct a comprehensive analysis. Summarize the data, and grasp the main problems to make a preliminary diagnosis. The understanding of the fault needs to go through the process of practice, recognition, practice, and recognition. The main content of the failure analysis is to determine the cause of the accident and formulate improvement measures through the analysis of the friction pair traces, the degree of wear, and the size of the location.

Other people consider the leakage problem more and more severe, which to some degree has impacts on people’s daily life. Now, the reasons for the problem are going to be revealed in detail.

Firstly, the cable may be damaged and cause leakage and does not operate, and then the pool pump set is grounded or short-circuited.

Secondly, the inverter pool pump is damaged. Many people find that the pump is not running, so they wonder how the electricity is leaking. It is very likely that the water pump is damaged so that it does not operate when it is energized, causing the illusion that it is not turned on. However, although the water pump is not running, it can still be charged and leaked. It is very likely that the electric wire of the water pump is broken directly, and the electric wire is directly connected to the water pipe or other conductive parts, so people will be electrocuted after touching it. With the pump ruined, it is no longer energy saving pool pump.

Thirdly, the leakage protection device of the water pump is out of order, or the leakage protection device is not installed at all. The leakage protection device is to automatically disconnect the power when the water pump is short-circuited, so as to avoid the adverse effects caused by the leakage. If the leakage protection device of the water pump fails, it cannot automatically disconnect the power after a short circuit occurs, which will cause leakage. There is no possibility of automatic disconnection if there is no leakage protection device.

Fourthly, water enters the pool pump body. The principle of the water pump is to suck in, filter, and then send the water to the designated destination. Because the water must be filtered by the water pump in order to be waterproof, there must be a plastic sealing ring at the interface between the water pump and the wire, which can keep the device in a sealed state and prevent the possibility of electric leakage. So how does water enter the pump body and cause leakage? The sealing ring has a service life, and it will age or deform if it is used for a long time. Aging and deformation will cause water to enter the pump and cause leakage. In addition, when the sealing ring is damaged for other reasons or cannot be completely sealed, it will also cause water to enter the water pump and cause electric leakage. Therefore, it is a good choice to replace a new pool pump.

Fifthly, the sealing ring of the water pump is damaged. The sealing ring has a service life, and it will age or deform over time. If the sealing ring is damaged, water can enter the pump and cause leakage. This is a frequent occurrence.