1. If the swimming pool circulation pump has any minor failures, remember not to make it work. If the packing of the pool pump shaft is worn out, it should be added in time. If you continue to use the pool pump, air leakage will occur. The direct effect of this is that the energy consumption of the motor will increase, which will damage the impeller.

2. If a strong vibration occurs during the use of the pool pump, you must stop and check the cause, otherwise, the pool pump will also be damaged.

3. When the bottom valve of the swimming pool circulation pump leaks, some people will fill the inlet pipe of the pool pump with dry soil and flush the bottom valve with water, which is undesirable. This is because when the dry soil is put into the water inlet pipe when the pump starts to work, the dry soil will enter the swimming pool filter pump, which will damage the impeller and bearings of the pump, which shortens the service life of the pump. When the bottom valve leaks, it must be repaired. If it is serious, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

4. After using the pool circulation pump, you must pay attention to maintenance. For example, when the swimming pool circulation pump is used up, the water in the pump should be drained. It is best to remove the water pipe and rinse with clean water.

5. The tape on the pool pump should also be removed, and then rinsed with water and dried in the light. Do not put the tape in a dark and humid place. The tape of the pool pump must not be stained with oil, let alone sticky things on the tape.

6. Carefully check whether there are cracks on the impeller and whether the impeller is fixed on the bearing loose. If there are cracks and looseness, repair it in time. If there is dirt on the impeller of the pool pump, clean it up.
Cause of noise

The noise of the swimming pool filter pump may have the following aspects:

(1) The impact of the rotary vane on the cylinder, the residual volume of the swimming pool filter pump, and the sound of the pressure oil in the exhaust dead space;

(2) The impact of the exhaust valve plate on the valve seat and supporting parts;

(3) Echo and bubble bursting sound in the box;

(4) Bearing noise;

(5) Noise caused by a large amount of gas and oil impacting the oil baffle;

(6) Others. Such as noise caused by transmission, fan noise of air-cooled water pump, etc.

(7) Motor noise, which is a crucial factor.

How to wholesale swimming pool circulation pump

The flow rate of the pool pump, that is, the water output, generally should not be too large, otherwise, it will increase the cost of purchasing the pool pump. It should be selected as needed.

1) Purchase water pumps according to local conditions. There are 3 types of commonly used pool pumps, namely centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps, and mixed flow pumps. The head of the centrifugal pump is high, but the water output is not large, and the water output of the axial flow pump is large, but the head is not too high; the water output and the head of the mixed flow pump are between the centrifugal pump and the axial flow pump. Users should choose according to the land conditions, water source, and lifting height.

2) Select the pool pump if it exceeds the standard appropriately. After determining the type of swimming pool filter pump, it is necessary to consider its economic performance. Pay special attention to the head and flow rate of the swimming pool filter pump and the selection of supporting power. It must be noted that the head (total head) indicated on the pump label is different from the discharge head (actual head) during use. This is because there will be a certain resistance loss when the water flows through the water pipe and the vicinity of the pipeline. Therefore, the actual head is generally 10%-20% lower than the total head, and the water output is also reduced accordingly. Therefore, in actual use, it can only be estimated based on 80%~90% of the head and flow stated on the label. The matching power of the pool filter pump can be selected according to the power indicated on the label.

In order to make the pump start quickly and use safe, The power of the power machine can also be slightly greater than the power required by the pump, generally about 10% higher; if you have power, when purchasing a water pump, you can choose a matching swimming pool filter pump according to the power of the power machine.