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Why choose inverter pool pump?

The traditional on/off pool pump, which is the most energy-consuming item among all pool equipment, can consume up to 18% of your household electricity consumption. Furthermore, the on/off pump produces a big noise of up to or even more than 70 dB(A).

Inverter pool pumps deliver significant energy savings by reducing the running capacity, thus end users can save up to 15 times more energy. 

Another significant advantage of an inverter pool pump is its silence. When operating at a low flow rate, it produces less noise, which can be 30 times quieter than a single-speed pump.

What's InverSilence Tech?

InverSilence® technology is developed by Aquagem. Combining with full-inverter technology, volute hydraulic system and DC brushless motor, the InverSilence® tech is a leading technology providing the pool pump industry with the most energy-efficient and quietest solution.  

What's the difference between Aquagem's InverPro & InverStar.

The InverPro is Aquagem’s high end range, which is integrated with InverSilence Technology, while InverStar is the mid-range. The main difference is the overall performance of InverPro is better than InverStar.

What is the difference between Auto Inverter mode and Manual Inverter mode?

In Auto Inverter mode, when the user set the desired flow rate for his pool, the inverter pool pump will automatically detect the pipe pressure and intelligently adjust the motor speed to ensure a constant flow rate.

In Manual Inverter Mode, the user could manually adjust the running capacity between 30% to 100%.

Does InverPro meet both metric and imperial pipeline?

The InverPro comes with internal 2” thread and 2” external union. There are 4 options for the union, namely 63mm, 50mm, 2 inch and 1.5 inch. So it could be easily used for metric and imperial pipeline.

Can I use InverPro to control my PH regulator?

The InverPro has an optional external relay control, which means it can control the on/off of other devices with input power less than 500W or current less than 2.5A. If the input power of the other device exceeds the requirement (i.e. > 500W), another relay must be added.

Can InverPro be controlled by other main controller via RS485 or Analog input?

The InverPro includes 3 external controls, i.e Digital Input, RS485 or Analog input (0~20mA or 0~10V). So it could be controlled through RS485 or Analog input.

What are the maintenance requirements of Aquagem pumps?

In order to guarantee a constant flow rate and sufficient filtering of the pool water, the basket should be inspected frequently. It must be cleaned when a build-up of rubbish is evident.

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