iSAVER-X - Aquagem Pool Pump Frequency Inverter Technical Parameter

Pool Pump Frequency Inverter  -  iSAVERX

With PFC Module, Higher Power Efficiency
First Touch Screen Frequency Inverter
Up to 80% Energy-saving
Up to 25% Quieter
4 Timers for 24-hour Operation

Product Detail

80% Energy Saving

With iSAVERX installed, your swimming pool equipped with a 1.5kW pump can save up to 80% energy, resulting in a quick payback period of only 1-2 years.

25% Quieter

Running at low speed significantly reduces noise levels, providing a more peaceful pool environment that won't disturb your neighbors or interrupt your nighttime relaxation.

Add One, Benefit Lots

Timer Program35 speeds and 4 timers for all-day operations with different demands.

Longer LifespanLower running speed leads to less wear on the components.

Better FiltrationWhen the water moves more slowly, small particles can be removed easier.

Easy Installation

works with nearly all single phase pumps

Added Benefits

Technical Parameter

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