25% quieter Ecoflow VS pool pump or noisy pump?


25% quieter Ecoflow VS pool pump or noisy pump?

25% quieter Ecoflow VS pool pump or noisy pump?

Release time:2020.04.03

25percent quieter Ecoflow VS pool pump or noisy pump - Aquagem

It is unquestionable that a pool pump, as an essential part of any swimming pool, helps filter the water, so as to keep it clean and healthy for use. However, nothing is as irritating as a noisy pump while you want to enjoy swimming. It may not only takes away the pleasure of a good swim, but also bothers your nearby neighbors.

How to quiet a noisy pool pump?

You may wonder: why is my pool pump so noisy? Is there a way to stop this?

There could be several reasons why your pump is making a loud noise. But the first thing you need to do is to determine what kind of sound the pump is making. You can simply listen to it. Is the noise coming from the wet end of the pump or the motor? If the motor starts to make noise, it usually means that your motor’s bearing is out of order and need replacement.

However, some pumps naturally make a lot of noise. Generally, a typical swimming pool pump runs in the range of 65-90 decibels. It is almost as loud as riding in a subway car!

As an ideal one-stop solution provider for inverter pool products, Aquagem has been making extra efforts to design quieter pumps. Now you don’t have to tolerate a noisy pump. All you need is a variable speed pool pump – Ecoflow VS.

25% quieter when running at low speed

One of the biggest benefits of installing a variable speed pool pump is that you are not exposed to constant loud noise any more. According to in-house tests, the noise level of an Ecoflow VS can be 25% lower than traditional single speed pump. When the pool pump speed slows down, there will be no excessive noise that can affect neighbors and family members. They finally are able to enjoy their sound naps and peaceful moment at home.

80% energy saving at low speed

Generally speaking, a variable speed pump can reduce energy consumption by about 70% relative to single speed pumps by being able to operate at a lower speed for the hours during which the pump is circulating water for filtration. But Ecoflow VS can achieve an energy saving up to 80% at low speed. That means you can save up to 2,000 Euros in an average 5-year life span.

Smart full touch screen for easy operation

Besides, Ecoflow VS is the first time that a variable speed pool pump equipped with an 8-inch full touch screen control. It brings a more intuitive operation, easier for reading and operation. Now you can have a smart control over your pool system – It could be run 24 hours with 4 timers if required without having to worry about noise!

As the old saying from Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher, “Silence is a source of great strength.” We sincerely hope every pool user can feel the strength from the pumping silence brought by Aquagem innovations.

For more information about Ecoflow VS, please visit https://www.aquagem.com/ecoflow-vs-variable-speed-pump.html or contact our sales team for further inquiry.