The Smartest Full Inverter Pool Pump: Keep Your Pool Healthy and Silent


The Smartest Full Inverter Pool Pump: Keep Your Pool Healthy and Silent

The Smartest Full Inverter Pool Pump: Keep Your Pool Healthy and Silent

Release time:2021.08.20

No swimming pool is whole without a powerful pool pump. A pump awards the pool with essential cleanliness, hygiene, and crystal-clear water. However, the availability of so many pump options in the market leads to confusion among pool owners and obstructs them from selecting the best pool pump for their pool.

If you are also wondering what is the most excellent swimming pool pump for you, here is the right solution. Keep reading the article for the most suitable pool pump for you.

Smart Full Inverter Pool Pump

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Pool Pump

When selecting a pool pump for residential pool water recirculation and filtering systems (including salt pools), you must take care of these three most essential factors. They will help you in selecting the most suitable product for your pool.

1. Pool Size

The first factor is the pool size. The bigger pool you own, the more powerful your pump should be.

You can calculate the size of your pool by using an online calculator and then divide the total gallons by the number of hours a pump takes to circulate the entire pool to get the flow rate per hour. By doing such calculations, you can find the exact power of the pump required for your pool.

2. Pump Motor Voltage

The next factor is your pump’s motor voltage. This factor decides if the pump will fit your pool’s filter system and complete its work on time or not.

For a robust pool pump, you should always go for a reputed pool pump manufacturer that offers you a pump with accurate voltage ratings and makes sure the device fits your pool’s size.

3. Pump Performance

Pool pumps are available in several sizes and types: single-speed, dual-speed, or variable-speed pumps and the innovative full inverter pumps.

According to pool pump suppliers, full inverter pumps are the best power-saving and efficient devices. They save massive amounts of energy and provide you with maximum performance.

4. Noise level

One last factor you should consider if you want to experience an excellent pool experience is the noise level. Inefficient pool pumps make unwanted noise and kill all the fun.

For this purpose, Aquagem’s InverPro is the best available alternative in the market. It is the most silent pool pump among all the competitors and doesn’t produce any disturbing sounds.

Smart Full Inverter Pool Pump-2

The First Full Inverter Pool Pump by Aquagem

Before we move ahead to the specifications of the best pool pump for you, let’s discuss a full inverter pump in the first place.

full inverter pool pump uses a complete inverter control system and adjusts the compressor and the fan to the nearest percentage. As a result, the full inverter pump succeeds in offering the finest performance against the step inverters and provides you with greater stability, more energy efficiency, and higher COP(Coefficient of Performance).

Aquagem created the First Full Inverter Pool Pump – InverPro. It is a TUV Rheinland certified pool pump that comes with a plethora of extraordinary features. It is called the most silent inverter pool pump by Aquagem and operates at 20 times less noise at 100% capacity than others.

It also features a full touch screen control with a built-in timer, a SUS316 mechanical seal, and a single-click countdown for backwash. Moreover, it is designed to last longer and features double life expectancy than the rest.


When it comes to the best pool pumps, Aquagem’s InverPro is simply the most beneficial option for you.

It is a powerful, silent, energy-saving device that keeps your pool healthy and fresh all the while. Also, it comes with double safety security to separate water & electricity and makes all the procedures entirely safe and reliable for you.

If you want more details about the pool pump, you can check our website for detailed information.