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Steps to Identify the Cause of Pool Pump Noise

Noise is a common problem that disturbs swimming pool users for a long time, which spoils people’s enjoyment. Even worse, noise may lead to complaint from neighbors. It is obviously that reducing pool noise is a top priority. In most cases, pool noise comes from pool pump. We will introduce possible sources of pool noise to you for troubleshooting. At the end, we show you a solution to all noise problems- Aquagem inverter pool pump with InverSilence technology.

1. Motor
Motor decides the operation of the whole pool pump. When a pool pump is turned on, motor and impeller start to operate. Motor noise is mainly connected with motor bearings. There are usually two shaft bearings inside a pump motor, a front bearing and a rear one. They help rotor to run smoothly by reducing friction. Motor noise appears as motor works at high speed.

2. High Speed Water Flow
If water flows at a speed that is too fast, we can actually hear noise caused flowing water. Besides, water crashes with the pump and produces tiresome noise. In particular, when water comes to skimmer basket, noise turns even louder. To avoid water flow noise, you’d better choose an inverter pool pump which can operate at a low speed while generate enough power for water circulation.

3. Pump Fan
Noise originates from pump fan is called aerodynamic noise. We can hear that when cool and dry air runs through high-speed rotating fan blades, there is noise because of friction. This kind of noise can only be reduced with low rotating speed.

Troubleshooting and fixing noise problem is time consuming and labor intensive. After being informed of three sources of pool pump noise, you should notice that the key of a quiet pump lies in lower speed while providing enough flow. That points to inverter pool pump, a breakthrough in pool industry dominated by on/off pump for a long time.
Steps to Identify the Cause of Pool Pump Noise
Aquagem is the first supplier adopted InverSilence logic to its electronic control system. Its central control system calculates 16,000 times per second to accurately control motor and impeller to operate stably at low speeds. By doing so, Aquagem pool pump driven by InverSilence technology successful achieves an operation that is 10 times quieter than other pool pump on the market. Noise down to 37 dB(A) at 1 meter promises a quiet backyard you deserved.

Post time: Sep-28-2020