Aquagem Pool Pumps-Always in Gear


Aquagem Pool Pumps-Always in Gear

Aquagem Pool Pumps-Always in Gear

Release time:2020.11.26

Aquagem Pool Pumps-Always in Gear
Swimming shouldn’t simply keep you fit, but it should be a comfortable experience, too. At least that is what Aquagem thinks. Aquagem creates inverter pool pumps for the most cost-efficient pool solution, variable-speed pool pumps that meets customer’s need andfrequency controller that improves the efficiency of single-speed pump, aiming to help people enjoy their pool both on noiseless level and energy-saving level. With this mission, we never ceaseto launch to the market our products of innovation.

PFlow: A substantial leap forward in pool pump industry
pflow Inverter Pool Pump
Owing to InverSilence Technology, Aquagem’s coreproduct the PFlow inverter pump runs more quietly at a slower speed for better acoustic comfort. It is down to 36.6 dB(A) at 1 meter at 40% running capacity, which is 20 times quieter than the average regular single speed that operate anywhere between 60-70 dB(A). Also it is 3 times energy saving than a traditional single-speed pump, which means it only takes 1.5 years to redeem the money you invest in the pool pump.

XFlow: First inverter pool pump in pool industry
xflow Inverter Pool Pump
Also powered by InverSilence, its noise down to 37 dB(A) at 1 meter, XFlow runs 20 times more quietly than other pumps inthe market. Since it consumes less energy thanother pumps, a rapid payback will be obtained in 1.5 years. As a resultfrom its outstanding performance, XFlow remainsto be the best-selling one in Australia and Europe among our products.

TFlow: New inverter pump range
tflow Inverter Pool Pump
Aquagem’s new inverter pump will continue to present great performance and adress all sorts of need. For more details please wait and find out what comes next from Aquagem.

Gemflow VS: First full touch screen pump
gemflow Inverter Pool Pump
Gemflow variable-speed pump, less efficient as inverter pumps, still outstrips most pumps on the market for it reduces noise down to 53 dB(A) and is the first pool pump that had taken approach to entry into full touch screen interface.

iSAVER+: Saving up to 80% energy consumed by a single-speed pump
isaver+ Pool Pump inverter
Most private pools remain equipped with a single-speed pool pump which is undoubtedly powerfulfor heavy duties like backwashing,but not constantly needed for filtration and pumping. Electricity bill climbs as the ON/OFF machine is running at full capacity all the time. Fortunately, with iSAVER+, there now could be a scenario in which a single-speed heat pump is installed where noise reduction and energy saving are still achieved.