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Swimming Pool Pump Blockage and Pool Pump Frequency Inverter

The anti-blocking performance of swimming pool pumps is gaining more and more attention. At the same time, the energy saving effect of the pool pump has also attracted more attention. How to prevent the blockage of the pump while saving energy? Use Aquagem’s pool pump frequency inverter, which has a backwash mode and saving mode.

Higher water treatment costs for swimming pools. Businesses and individuals are trying to reduce water consumption to reduce resource and energy consumption. More and more pool pumps adopt the means of energy saving, namely the drive mode of speed adjustment. The speed control sometimes does not guarantee that the pool pump will not block. You can use Aquagem iSAVER pool pump frequency inverter, which has backwash mode and energy saving mode. You can set a timing schedule to let your pool pump frequency inverter automate the backwash and energy saving modes.

Swimming pool pump blockage and pool pump frequency inverter - Aquagem

Daily maintenance and prevention of swimming pool pumps and frequency inverter is also important.

Check and clean the smudge basket regularly. Do not knock the smudge basket when cleaning.

Check the seal ring of the pump regularly. Please replace in time if any damage occurs.

Keep the motor clean and the air vents unobstructed.

In some cases, the shaft seal of the motor will wear out and should be replaced in time.

The water in the pool pump should be cleared in winter. Clean the water pump and keep it in a dry and well-ventilated room.

Post time: Aug-28-2018