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Aquagem: Innovative Manufacturer of Pool Pump

Keeping to the goal of bringing innovation, Aquagem has put wholehearted devotion to the inverter pool pump technology and created higher standards in quality. As the pool pump manufacturer who launched the first inverter pool pump, it has become the resource for inverter technology in the realm of swimming pool industry.

What makes it an innovative team?

Patented Technology

To make the best pool pumps, Aquagem developed InverSilence technology in 2020, leading pool pump to a higher level of quiet operation and energy-efficiency. Powered by InverSilence technology, Aquagem pool pumps are empowered to operate at running capacity ranging 40% to 100%, being able to fulfill various missions from basic water recirculation to heavy duty like backwashing.

inver silence

Innovative Products

Pflow, the first inverter pool pump in the world, has truly gained the capability in terms of quietness and energy-efficiency. Unlike any pool pump previously built, it is an inverter pool pump that enables concise control of the motor and impeller. Aquagem’s strong attention to detail also takes its industrial design closer to flawless than other pool pumps. And its full-touch screen control is dedicated to bringing better user experience.

Growing R&D Team

As a manufacturer that strives for constant technology breakthroughs, Aquagem concentrates fully on the R&D sector. Our research activity involves dedicated staffs over half of the total workforce. The result is remarkable as PFlow reduces the sound level down to 36.6 dB(A) at 1 meter, giving the quietest performance of inverter pool pump.

Growing R&D Team

With the powerful strength in innovation, Aquagem will take a step forward into advancing inverter technology and provide the best performing pool pumps to the industry.

Post time: Jan-29-2021