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Pool Pump Frequency Inverter New Product, Waiting for You at Interbad

Aquagem will showcase the new pool pump frequency inverter at the Interbad exhibition.

Aquagem’s pool pump frequency inverter is a low cost pool pump solution. It aims to greatly reduce the operating cost of the swimming pool pump and improve the overall efficiency of the pump. Its energy saving effect and operating efficiency are specially prepared for your single speed pool pump. General pool pumps always operate at higher than necessary flow rates. The idea of the frequency inverter is to achieve speed regulation on a single speed pool pump to meet different application needs without wasting energy.

Think about this, when you start to run your single speed pool pump, it runs at a fixed maximum speed until you shut it down. This will result in a great waste of energy. But in many cases it is enough to actually run at half the speed. At the same time, sometimes, such as backwash, it is necessary to run the pump at full speed. At this time, the advantages of Aquagem’s pool pump frequency inverter came out. You can set up 4 timers according to your needs, and each timer can set different speed gears separately. This kind of function can basically meet the different needs of the general swimming pool. The Aquagem pool pump frequency inverter is the perfect companion for your pool care.

If you want to know more about our new products of pool pump frequency inverter, you should come and join us at Interbad 23-26 Oct. 2018.

Post time: Oct-10-2018