Energy-saving Trend: Inverter Pool Pumps + Smart Sand Filtration + Centralized Control System


Energy-saving Trend: Inverter Pool Pumps + Smart Sand Filtration + Centralized Control System

Energy-saving Trend: Inverter Pool Pumps + Smart Sand Filtration + Centralized Control System

Release time:2024.03.21

Household consumption is a vital area of carbon reduction. The Emissions Gap Report by the United Nations Environment Programme has pointed out that around two-thirds of global emissions are linked to household consumption. Exploring more diversified sustainable lifestyles through upgraded green technologies has become one of the prime trends in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting carbon neutrality.

Smart Saving, a Lifestyle Reform for the Green Tech Era

The world is in the midst of a momentous transformation by adopting green technology and sustainability initiatives. With the maturity of AI technology, smart home automation systems are gradually enabling efficient use and conservation of overall energy. Home energy consumption has dropped significantly over the past few years, with proactive energy savings achieved by automatically detecting and switching off devices when no one is at home and adjusting the operation time of devices based on the living habits of family members. Today, users prefer energy-efficient products with AI features rather than just easy-to-use and durable.

Moving forward into the era of the AI revolution, intelligent pools and artificial intelligence collide with new sparks. The swimming pool sector is flourishing with broad application prospects. Electrification in indoor homes and outdoor gardens is driving the advent of intelligentized living spaces, from intelligent upgrading of individual products and systematic control of multiple products to personalized customization of spaces. Combining products and scenes for integrated system control will become a significant part of the intelligentized revolution in 2024. Innovations unveiled at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023 as the addition of IoT upgrades to individual products and remote control platforms for smartphones are likely to achieve rapid iteration over the next two years.

Artificial Intelligence IoT, a Revolution in Energy Efficiency

In the case of swimming pool pumps, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the sector by enhancing efficiency and user experience. Aquagem developed InverSilence technology and created the first inverter pool pump, which opened up a revolution in energy efficiency for pool pumps. By combining a full-inverter drive, volute hydraulic structure, and brushless DC motor, inverter pool pumps from Aquagem assist pool owners in freeing themselves from the anxiety of high electricity bills and excessive noise. InverMaster, the newest inverter water-cooling pump, circulates and filters water 24 hours a day with up to 20 times energy-saving and 40 times silent. 

To drive the connectivity and intelligence of inverter pool pumps, Aquagem introduces the centralized control system that intelligently connects multiple devices for inverter synergy, creating an innovative trend toward energy saving. The system can interconnect energy-efficient inverter pool pumps and intelligent sand filters (set to pressure mode) for one-click backwash, providing an intelligent circulating filtration system that eliminates the hassle of frequent water changes and chemical treatments. Thanks to the all-in-one intelligent control of the AIoT platform, individual pool product runs more efficiently, the entire pool system becomes more low-carbon and eco-friendly, and users can more easily manage the pool water circulation and filtration system.

Empower the Sustainable Future with Advancing Green Tech

Sustainability is one of the highly critical requirements in the pursuit of a better life nowadays. Intelligent pool equipment with higher energy efficiency and better user experience is bound to dominate the market. Dataintelo expects the application of artificial intelligence to boom rapidly in the swimming pool pump market, which is likely to reach USD 3.77 billion by 2032 at a CAGR of 6.1%.

As the Creator of the Inverter Pool Pump, Aquagem is committed to delivering sustainable, green inverter pool pumps designed to make positive changes in the pool pump arena. Contact Aquagem experts to learn more about the innovative energy-saving solution of Inverter Pool Pumps + Smart Sand Filtration + Centralized Control System.