Witness Aquagem's New World Record at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023


Witness Aquagem's New World Record at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023

Witness Aquagem's New World Record at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023

Release time:2023.11.17

Aquagem is set to debut its 1st water-cooling inverter pool pump and introduce its 1st World Record at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, Hall 2 Booth F17.

InverSilence Tech Makes Waves

At #aquanale from October 24-27, we had the pleasure of showcasing our latest innovations, including the water-cooling inverter pool pump. Many visitors were particularly interested in our 20 times energy-saving pool circulation system. Industry peers from Germany emphasized the increasing importance of energy conservation and sustainability in the European market. For the pool industry, everyone thinks whoever grasps this right direction should get the silver bullet for profit.

Jessie, Aquagem’s sales director, shared our unwavering dedication. "Five years ago, we embarked on a mission to create more energy-efficient pool pumps, leading to the development of the InverSilence® technology. With this technology and our water-cooling design, our inverter pool pumps now offer 20 times energy savings and operate at a quiet 30dB(A). We see this as a positive direction for the pool pump industry."

New World Record, New Picture Expanded

From November 27-30 at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, Aquagem will reveal its latest pool system, featuring an array of innovations:


InverMaster: 1st water-cooling inverter pool pump

Advanced water-cooled motor technology brings ultra-silence to the whole pump. Artistic design plus 20x energy savings, just for optimal swimming experience.


iWash: One-Touch automatic multiport valve

One setting, 365-day clarity. An intelligent automatic valve equipped with a user-friendly Full-Touch Pad screen brings users more joy and less trouble!


InverJet: 12V Inverter swimming machine

Maximum swimming enjoyment with minimal space requirements. Unique design with pump-free structure creates the ultimate swimming experience with the least space taken!

In addition to these exciting developments, Aquagem is eager to foster industry enthusiasm with the Reveal of a New World Record at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona.

We remain dedicated to breaking a new world with new technologies, products, and achievements. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute with ALL PARTNER to the continued advancement of energy-saving swimming pools. Stay tuned for more updates from Aquagem and get cooler things at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona.