Pool Pump Reviews 2021- Best Selection of Aquagem


Pool Pump Reviews 2021- Best Selection of Aquagem

Pool Pump Reviews 2021- Best Selection of Aquagem

Release time:2021.12.06

When making a decision on choosing a new pool pump for installation or replacement for the old single-speed pool pump for your swimming pool, the Top-Ranking List of Annual Best Pool Pumps of Aquagem is always an important reference. Considering the performance, durability, running cost, and prices, we have chosen the best selection of pool pump 2021 for you. Keep reading for the right one for your favourite.


Best Overall: InverPro, the 1st Full DC Inverter Pool Pump  

InverPro is a simple and powerful solution to keep your pool clean and healthy 24/7 without the need for constant attention. As the smart inverter controller in it can automatically control the pool pump speed at an optimal capacity from 30% to 100% for different conditions.

 inverpro-Best Pool Pump 2021_01

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● Specs:

- 1st Full Inverter Technology – InverSilence® Tech

- Brushless DC Motor

- Volute Hydraulic System

- Patent Design

- Intelligent Full-Touch Screen Control

- Auto Inverter/ManuaI Inverter Mode Optional

- Power Consumption Reading & Flow Reading

- WiFi control optional

● Pros:

- 30 times more silent than on/off pool pumps

- 36dB(A) @1m on average

- Saves up to 15 times more energy

- 100W to move 10m³/h with 8 meters head, strong water power at high energy efficiency

- Compatible across all brands


Inverpro-Best Pool Pump 2021_02

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Thanks to the patented InverSilence® Tech, combined with the advanced full inverter technology and talented industrial designs of volute hydraulic system and brushless DC motor, InverPro has the perfect performance in smart running, silent operation, energy efficiency, durability, and easy control. This newest inverter pool pump is the best choice for both starters and advanced users for sure.  


Best High-Performance Pool Pump: Inverstar Inverter Pool Pump

This power inverter pool pump fits both inground pools and the aboveground pool is compatible with a wide range of high performance among the pool pumps on the market. Like Aquagem’s other models of inverter pool pumps, this pool pump generates advanced inverter technology with the newest industrial designs, which improves the functions, energy efficiency, silence, and durability of the pool pump.

● Specs:

- Volute Hydraulic Design

- Superior PMS Motor

- External Control (optional)

- Intuitive Touch Screen Controller

● Pros:

- Up to 5 times energy saving than on/off pool pumps

- Up to 25 times quieter than single-speed pool pumps

- 4 Timers for daily operation

 Inverstar-Best Pool Pump 2021

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Best Value Pool Pump: PFlow Inverter Pool Pump

Powered by Aquagem’s unique InverSilence® Technology, PFlow inverter pool pump is one of the quietest inverter pool pumps in the pool industry. Even though it is Aquagem’s inverter pool pump of the last generation, PFlow still has a competitive performance on the pool pump market.

● Specs:

- One Click for Backwash

- Built-in Timer, 4 timers for daily operation

- SUS316 mechanical seal

- External Control optional (RS485, Digital Input, Relay Output)

● Pros:

- 20 times quieter than on/off pool pumps.

- Down to 36.6 dB(A) @1m on average

- Running capacity from 40%-100%


PFlow-Best Pool Pump 2021

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 Choose the Best Pool Pump for Your Pool

With a high-quality pool pump, you can spend less time taking care of your pool and more time enjoying fresh and clean pool time.

Before making the final decision, you need to determine what size the pool pump you need. You can simply refer to our complete Pool Pump Sizing Guide to help you find the best pool pump, or use our pool pump size calculator to easily figure it out.