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iSAVER, Great Success at SPLASH! 2018 in Gold Coast!

iSAVER is a patent frequency inverter tailored for single speed pool pumps. Its debut at SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show in Gold Coast is a great success. We would like to thank all for visiting Aquagem stand. Although the exhibition was just 2 days, we had gained a lot – a fantastic and warm response that exceeds expectation.

iSAVER, Great Success at SPLASH! 2018 in Gold Coast! - Aquagem

An Impressive Super Quiet Running

We are thankful that many visitors were showing strong interest in iSAVER, especially when seeing a running set up on site. Everyone at the booth was impressed by the quiet running. How an iSAVER manages to do that? Running at a lower speed promises a much more pleasant user experience. With choices of 35 speeds, iSAVER can help you to take advantage of different electricity rates at different time of day, and need worry no more about the pump noise at night. It can reduce the noise from the pump dramatically by 25%, with sound level of 17.5 dB(A) lower when running at low speed.

Smart & Eco Friendly Pool Fun with iSAVER

Nowadays, all players are paying greater attention to inverter technology. The idea of iSAVER is to enable speed regulation on single speed pool pumps so as to meet different application demand without wasting energy. What’s more, it’s smaller, easy for installation.

We believe every pool user deserves a good quality and cost effective pool product. Let every pool user enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by smart and eco friendly technology and reduce the carbon dioxide foot print is our mission. A small effort can make a big difference. That’s what we believe and what we are doing.

A new version of iSAVER is coming soon. Please stay tuned with us. Aquagem will always amaze you with smart innovation. See you next time!

Post time: Aug-15-2018