Global Pool Pump Industry Report 2023: Ultra-efficient Pool Pump Solutions Pave The Way To Net Zero


Global Pool Pump Industry Report 2023: Ultra-efficient Pool Pump Solutions Pave The Way To Net Zero

Global Pool Pump Industry Report 2023: Ultra-efficient Pool Pump Solutions Pave The Way To Net Zero

Release time:2023.10.31

Swimming pool equipment helps keep the pool clean and safe. With increasing awareness about pool sanitation, demand for pool equipment such as advanced filtration systems like pumps is growing in the market, as pump equipment allows consumers to streamline operations, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the overall swimming experience of users. According to the pool pump industry forecast by Transparency Market Research, an increase in the usage of pumps in swimming pools for better circulation of pool water and distribution of chemical dosing will spur the growth of the swimming pool equipment market in the next few years. 

How much is the pool pump market worth? Which region is the biggest market for swimming pool pumps? What are the latest trends in the pool pump market globally? We have analyzed several authoritative pool pump market research to compile a must-read Global Pool Pump Industry Report 2023, helping you better understand the market overview of swimming pool pumps and pool pump industry trends. Let’s get started now. 

What Is A Swimming Pool Pump?

A pump is a necessary component of any swimming pool. Pool pumps serve to circulate and filter pool water for clarity and sanitation. A fully functional pump is essential to keeping your pool healthy and clean.

How Much Is The Swimming Pool Pump Market Worth?

Market Growth Reports stated that the global pool pump market size was valued at USD 2324.46 million in 2022 and will increase to USD 3098.61 million in 2028 at a CAGR of 4.91%. Variable speed pool pumps held the largest market share in 2022 owing to their quieter operation, reduced vibration, cooler operating temperatures, longer service life, digital control, and advanced diagnostic capabilities. Variable-speed pool pumps are 90% more efficient than standard single-speed pumps, making them arguably the best choice in the pool industry. Several research firms have predicted that the demand for the variable speed pool pumps segment will grow promisingly or contribute to the largest market share in 2028.

Which Region Is The Biggest Market For Swimming Pool Pumps?

North America, the most populous region, holds the highest pool pump market share. Many people in North America have higher incomes and own swimming pools at home. In 2022, the United States alone accounted for 48.28% of the market share for swimming pool pumps, according to data published by Market Growth Reports. A large number of swimming pool enthusiasts, well-established swimming pool infrastructure, an increase in pool pump manufacturing facilities, and a rise in sporting events will further drive the growth of supply and demand for swimming pool pumps in the North American market, predicts Cognitive Market Research.

What Are The Latest Trends In The Pool Pump Market Globally?

Energy-efficient pool pumps are, without a doubt, the latest trend in the global pool pump market. At a time of energy scarcity, the adequacy of pool pumps to save energy has become an important issue. Energy conservation policies are now in place in several regions of the world to improve the energy efficiency of equipment. For instance, under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012, swimming pool and spa pool pumps supplied in Australia must carry an Energy Rating Label and comply with Minimum Energy Performance Standards. In North America, pool pump motors are the latest appliances to come under the regulatory focus of the U.S. government. To this end, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) introduced a new regulation at the end of September, setting heightened energy conservation and efficiency standards for specific pool pump motors to enhance their energy efficiency. The European Parliament and Council have even recast the Energy Efficiency Directive, introducing a series of measures to help accelerate energy efficiency, establishing Energy Efficiency First as a fundamental principle of the EU energy policy and giving it legal standing for the first time.

All of the above means that energy efficiency has become a mandatory consideration, increasing the demand for energy-efficient pumps. Pool pump manufacturing companies are spending significantly on comprehensive R&D activities, primarily for developing innovative products featuring energy-efficient technology to match the shifting energy-saving policies and maximize the benefits for pool owners. One of the best pool pumps on the market for pool owners is the inverter pool pump with InverSilence technology by Auqagem. The Aquagem InverPro pool pump is a new high-performance pool pump featuring an intelligent full-touch controller and self-developed inverter motor, offering maximum energy efficiency (15x energy saving) with minimal noise (noise down to 33dB(A)). 

You do not need to worry about new energy-saving policies leading to replacing your pool pump - because the Auqagem inverter pool pump is a powerful energy saver. Under different flow rate requirements, the InverPro pool pump will regulate the running speed stepless from 30% to 100%, achieving up to 15 times more energy saving than a single-speed pool pump, which can save 8,000+ kWh of electricity throughout the year, equivalent to planting 130 trees and avoiding the emission of 2,289 kg CO2. The revolutionary InverSilence technology combines a full-inverter drive, volute hydraulic structure, and brushless DC motor. With 16,000 calculations per second and precise control of each core component and the motor, InverSilence technology creates a super energy-efficient and quiet inverter solution for pool pumps. 


As interest in sports and awareness of healthy lifestyles grows, people are paying more attention to pool maintenance, resulting in the rising demand for technological advancements in pool maintenance. Energy-efficient pool pumps are one of the best options for maintaining a clean and clear pool, as they help you save energy, lower your power bills, and help reduce global energy consumption and emissions. The new InverPro pool pump from Aquagem, which benefits from the intelligent inverter technology, helps maximize energy savings amid the current energy crunch. As the first and only pump manufacturer capable of developing and producing in-house Inverter Drives and Motors, Aquagem delivers ultra-efficient pool pump solutions through technological innovations, paving the way to net-zero emissions. Contact Aquagem experts today for more information on 15x Energy Saving Pool Pumps.

* These insights in Global Pool Pump Industry Report 2023 are based on studies from Transparency Market Research, Market Growth Reports, and Cognitive Market Research.