Keep the Pool and Yard Steady Against the Storm


Keep the Pool and Yard Steady Against the Storm

Keep the Pool and Yard Steady Against the Storm

Release time:2018.09.18

If a storm or hurricane is coming, the last thing you want to worry about is what to do with the pool, patio furniture and plants. In a word, everything outside your house is not fixed.

In addition to keeping your patio furniture, outdoor toys, potted plants, swimming pool equipment and gardening equipment, you also need to bring these items indoors as much as possible to prevent them from being damaged by the house or other parts of your property. For heavy outdoor objects that are difficult to carry, use ropes, elastic cords, chains, etc., to fix them on solid objects.

Don’t drain the pool completely.
Many swimming pool owners believe that draining their pools or spas before a storm will keep them from overflowing and flooding them. Actually, that’s not true. Pools properly constructed or installed should be equipped with overflow devices to discharge excess water.

Turn off the power of the pool equipment.
Unless safety precautions are taken, your energy saving pool pumps and their motors may cause the most serious damage to your pool. If feasible, relocate the equipment to a high dry place away from the ground and flood. Another way to save the energy saving pool pump motor is to wrap it tightly with plastic and strapping tape or rope.

Don’t forget the other pool parts. If you have time, please remove all loose objects from the pool area.

Trim trees and their branches.
Ideally, as part of regular yard maintenance, you should prune the dying and weak branches of the trees all year round. Don’t ask me why. When vulnerable branches get caught in a storm, you should expect what will happen.

Check your local news or weather channel for updates. Do not try to wait for any storm with pride or valor. If you are told to evacuate, evacuate!