What Are The Construction Structures Of The Villa Swimming Pool


What Are The Construction Structures Of The Villa Swimming Pool

What Are The Construction Structures Of The Villa Swimming Pool

Release time:2022.08.01

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, villa pools have become a standard feature of high-end villas, and more and more people are building villa pools. For friends who have not built a villa swimming pool, they may be unfamiliar with the knowledge of building a swimming pool, so today the pool pump manufacturer will give you a little knowledge of building a swimming pool~

In addition to basic digging and civil construction, the construction of a villa swimming pool also needs to consider the construction of the villa swimming pool, because the construction structure of the swimming pool determines the length of use of the swimming pool after it is completed and the impact on the entire building. So, what are the construction structures of the villa pool? Villa swimming pool construction structure is generally divided into five types: reinforced concrete swimming pool, steel plate swimming pool, hoarding swimming pool, integral counter-current swimming pool, and Italian above-ground swimming pool.

1. Traditional swimming pool construction structure-reinforced concrete swimming pool
Structural features of reinforced concrete swimming pool: sturdy, long service life, low cost, and a series of complex procedures such as modeling, demoulding, external treatment of the structure, internal measurement, and leveling and polishing of the pool wall are required during the construction process, and the construction period is long.

2. Anti-seismic swimming pool construction structure-steel swimming pool
Structural characteristics of the steel plate swimming pool: The steel plate swimming pool is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, which can provide a more stable structure, better waterproof performance, and more convenient maintenance. Achieving modular design can be customized; on-site installation is good and fast; it is an ideal choice for high water level, low soil endurance area, is certified as a seismic structure.

What matters should be paid attention to in constructing a villa swimming pool?

1. Types of villa pools
Villa swimming pool types are mainly divided into indoor heated swimming pools and outdoor open-air swimming pools. Indoor heated swimming pool can be built in the basement or balcony; outdoor open-air swimming pool can be selected in the garden or on the roof. The choice of type is determined by many factors, which are not only related to the style that the owner likes, but also takes into account the size of the villa space. , Make reasonable planning according to the layout of the house.

2. The location of the villa pool
For outdoor swimming pools, if the owner values the outdoor lifestyle, the location of the villa pool design should be built close to the residence, side by side with the courtyard. Of course, it can also be built in a place that is easy to build. If the villa already has a pavilion and other leisure clubs. Then it would be more reasonable to build villa swimming pools in these places; if you want to realize the desire to swim at any time throughout the year, then it would be a good choice to build a swimming pool indoors. According to the size and layout of the indoor space, the specifics of the swimming pool should be reasonably planned. position.

3. The structure of the villa pool
Villa swimming pool structures are generally divided into the following types: 1. Reinforced concrete swimming pool; 2. Steel plate swimming pool; 3. Hoarding swimming pool; 4. Acrylic transparent swimming pool; 5. Italian above-ground swimming pool; 6. Italian overall counter-current swimming pool. Most modern villa swimming pools use reinforced concrete swimming pools and steel plate swimming pools. The specific structure should be selected according to your own needs and site.

4. Pool pump water treatment of villa swimming pool
The most important thing to note when building a villa pool is that the water in the pool must be kept clean at all times through pool pump. Many people swim in unclean swimming pools, which results in skin diseases and other diseases. Therefore, if the pool is built in the villa, the water must be kept clean and hygienic. Therefore, the pool water must be configured to build the villa pool. Only with swimming pool filter pump treatment equipment, swimming pool disinfection equipment, and swimming pool cleaning and suction equipment can keep the swimming pool water clear.

5. Villa swimming pool construction structure-hoarding swimming pool
Features of hoarding structure: lightweight, adaptable to some special terrains; used with integrated equipment; not suitable for high-rise or rooftop swimming pools. The price is higher than that of concrete and lower than that of steel plate swimming pools.

6. Villa-overall countercurrent swimming pool
The characteristics of the overall counter-current swimming pool: it is a swimming pool that can’t swim, don’t worry about the danger of hitting the wall, only flat ground is needed, and it can be used indoors and outdoors.

7. Villa swimming pool-Italian above ground swimming pool
The characteristics of the Italian above-ground swimming pool: the on-site installation is easy and fast. It is an integral swimming pool that integrates structure, filtration system, and underwater lights.