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Pool Pump Frequency Inverter and Other Pool Equipment Should Regularly Cleaned and Checked

There may be aging, corrosion and parts falling off when the swimming pool equipment is used for a period of time. Therefore, the equipment of the swimming pool should be maintained regularly. For example, the pool pump needs to be checked regularly for abnormal noise. Aquagem’s pool pump frequency inverter requires regular checks to see if the cooling fan has an unusual sound due to looseness. It is easy to install and the fan has noise reduction function. Although iSAVER has a very low failure rate, it is a safe bet to check more.

  • Clean up regularly.

During the process of using the swimming pool equipment, a lot of dust will inevitably appear in its pollution-prone parts. If not cleaned in time, dust will become more and more difficult to clean, eventually forming stubborn stains, the harm is considerable. Therefore, people must regularly wipe the dust on the swimming equipment with clean towels, so as not to affect the water quality and equipment operation. The control panel above the pool pump frequency inverter needs to be wiped regularly to operate more consistently.

  • Check the parts of equipment regularly.

Once a certain part of the swimming pool equipment is found to be abnormal, such as loose, aging, etc. Depending on the loss, if the component is badly damaged, it must be replaced in time. If the parts are only slightly worn, professional maintenance can be requested. To some extent, it can save some maintenance costs.

  • Choose a neutral cleaner to clean.

When cleaning the pool equipment, try not to use an acid or alkaline cleaner. It should be selected neutral cleaner, cleaning effect is very obvious.

The maintenance of swimming pool equipment should be cleaned and checked regularly. This will make the equipment serve us better.

Pool pump frequency inverter and other pool equipment should be regularly cleaned and checked - Aquagem

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Post time: Aug-21-2018