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Revealing The Secrets Behind The Most Silent Inverter Pool Pump – InverPro

As the loudest equipment in the pool appliance, the noise problem has been disturbing the pool users for a long time. For the traditional on/off pool pumps, the average noise level even goes up to 60-65 dB(A), which will more severe with the worn ones. Both the users and distributors are longing for a silent pool pump to break the dilemma.

Thus, the appearance of the latest-released inverter pool pump InverPro with an average of 36dB(A) at 1m quickly catches the eyes of users and the pool market.

Revealing The Secrets Behind The Most Silent Inverter Pool Pump - InverPro

How does the inverter pool pump operate with such a low sound pressure? Let Aquagem reveal the secret for you.

What’s the secret behind the most silent pool pump ever?

1.    Full Inverter Controller

Powered by the INVERSilence® Tech, the full inverter controller in InverPro can intelligently adjust the operating capacity precisely between 20-100% without running at full speed all the time as the traditional on/off pool pumps, which is effective in reducing the noise during the operation and achieving the historical 36 dB(A) at 1m, which is 30 times quieter than the traditional on/off pumps. 

Aside from the improvement in the control system, the magic design of a special hydraulic system——the volute structure contributes a lot in reducing the noise as well.

2.    The Volute Structure

Inspired by the structure of snail shell, the volute design in InverPro’s hydraulic system allows the water flow to smoothly pass through the channel without producing turbulence before leaving the impeller, which is effective in reducing the noise and producing bigger water flows.

Moreover, by smoothing the water flow, the durability of impeller, water seal, and other applicants in the inverter pool pump can be improved, which in turn devotes to reducing the noise and expanding the life circle of inverter pool pump in the long run.

3.    Brushless DC Motor

Apart from the hardware improvement in the volute structure, the brushless DC motor used in InverPro is another key element in reducing the operation noise of inverter pool pumps. Thanks to the superior permanent magnet synchronous motor in TEFC design, the noise produced by the mechanical friction and wear of traditional motors is avoided, which ensures much less mechanical noise, higher efficiency, and more durability for InverPro.

Revealing The Secrets Behind The Most Silent Inverter Pool Pump InverPro-1


With the improvements in control system and hardware designs, InverPro is able to provide users with the most silent inverter pool pump of 36dBA in history. With the most silent user experience, you can fully enjoy the swimming fun without disturbing yourself and your neighbors. Yet, silence is not the only pursuit of Aquagem’s innovation. You can also find more info about pump in Pompen.

Interested in more details behind InverPro? Please click here or feel free to contact our experts  to discover more. 


Post time: Aug-31-2021