Take Care Your Pool While on Vacation


Take Care Your Pool While on Vacation

Take Care Your Pool While on Vacation

Release time:2018.09.21

Maybe more than 70% of people like to take vacations. When you are about to start your vacation, how can you arrange to take care of the swimming pool when you leave? The iSAVER pool pump speed controller will be the best companion for your pool care.

Find friends or your neighbors
Keeping the pool clean when you leave is key. The ideal candidate would be someone who also owns a swimming pool. They should already know what to do. All you have to do is give them regular pool supplies and tell them when to help you with the pool.

Have a timer
Hope your pool pump already has a timer. Set the timer to run for at least 8 to 12 hours per day. Running pumps and filters is important to keep the pool normal, and it’s best to hold the timer responsible rather than a person.

If the pool pump doesn’t have a timer, I’d recommend picking the iSAVER pool pump speed controller. It is the perfect companion for proper pool care. The iSAVER pool pump speed controller not only allows your pool pump to operate according to your timer, but it also allows you to set different timer periods to run at different frequencies. How’s that? Great. You accidentally got an energy saving pool pump!

Check the water before you leave
Take your pool water sample to your local pool shop and have it professionally checked. Or use a water quality monitor.

Make sure to check for any problems before going on vacation. You need to ensure that the pool’s pH and alkalinity are properly balanced and that your disinfectant levels are correct.

Also, make sure your pool is clean and tidy before you leave.

Take Care Your Pool While on Vacation - Aquagem

How’s that? Are you ready to take a vacation now? The iSAVER pool pump speed conroller is the best assistant for your pool care.