What to Consider When Buying a Pool Pump — Pool Pump Buying Guide


What to Consider When Buying a Pool Pump — Pool Pump Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Pool Pump — Pool Pump Buying Guide

Release time:2022.10.25

As the heart of a swimming pool, the pool pump promotes adequate pool circulation. By working closely with the pool filter, it creates a “closed loop” that skims the water, grabs and removes debris, and cleans the water before being pumped back into the pool.

To find the most efficient pool pump, you should consider many factors, including size, energy efficiency, and noise levels. How big is your swimming pool? Is it an above-ground or in-ground pool? What type of pool pump suits your pool best? You will find all the answers in this pool pump buying guide.

What Size Swimming Pool Pump Do I Need?

Consider the pump head first. If the pump head does not reach the required height, the work done by this pump is null. Next, confirm the pool size, turnover time, and the amount of water handled per hour. Here are some formulas and criteria to help you get the right pool pump.

  • Pool Volume. Remember the following formula: Pool Volume (gallon) = Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Depth (ft.) x 7.5, which applies to rectangular and square pools. To have a more accurate idea of how big it is, you can use an online pool volume calculator to determine the pool size or consult a pool store professional.

  • Flow Rate. The flow rate lets you know how many gallons of water a pool pump circulates per minute. Generally, a pool with a capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 gallons may require a pump with a flow rate of 20 to 35 GPM. A swimming pool of 20,000 to 40,000 gallons will require a flow rate of 40 GPM to 80 GPM. With a capacity of 40,000 gallons and above, it may require a flow rate of 83 GPM to 120 GPM.

  • Total Dynamic Head. If you have an above-ground pool, you will need a pump with an average total dynamic head of 50 to 60. But if you have an in-ground pool, a pump with an average total dynamic head of 20 to 30 will be sufficient.

Please read Pool Pump Sizing Guide For Your Swimming Pool for a step-by-step instruction.

What Type of Pool Pump Do I Need?

There are three types of pool pumps on the market: single-speed, variable-speed, and inverter pool pump. Single-speed pumps, the oldest and most low-tech of all pool pumps, always run at a fixed speed. Variable-speed pumps have 3 to 8 speed options. And the inverter pool pumps could adjust the running speed steplessly.

For a better user experience, a quiet-running and energy-saving pool pump featuring variable-speed settings is the best option. California in the United States is considered one of the leading regions for energy efficiency standards. A new federal standard from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has replaced existing pump efficiency guidelines and taken effect on July 18, 2021. New regulations requiring certain energy efficiency levels based on pump horsepower apply to pool pumps for in-ground and above-ground residential pools. Currently, only pool pumps with variable-speed settings comply with the regulation. Utility companies in many states of the U.S. even offer significant rebates on the installation of variable-speed pool pumps. Therefore, high-efficient pool pumps with variable-speed settings have become the norm for all pool owners.

Which Pool Pump Is the Best? 

Among the three types of pool pump, inverter pool pump is the most advanced and most energy-saving by accurate speed regulation. As the world’s first and only inverter pool pump, Aquagem’s InverPro saves energy up to 15 times and is 30 times quieter than typical single-speed pumps. It features a full inverter drive that steplessly adjusts the pool pump running speed between 30% and 100% capacity and a special volute hydraulic system that reduces noise and increases water flow, enabling vigorous hydraulic power in a super-quiet overall operation.

Above all, the InverPro is the most intelligent one as it could perform self-learning. When the pipe pressure in the swimming pool system alters to a certain level, the InverPro intelligently automates the speed adjustment to maintain the most appropriate flow rate for your unique pool. Such revolutionary inverter pool pumps are gradually overtaking variable-speed pool pumps as the most intelligent and efficient pool pumps on the market.


With the global energy crisis looming, the focus of the pool sector will be on energy efficiency and sustainability. Welcome to stop by Aquagem’s stand 6H59 at Piscine Global Europe in Lyon, France, from 15–18 November 2022. Aquagem will showcase the market-leading inverter pool pump technology and bring a brand-new energy-saving and smart pool solution at the event. Visit https://exhibition.aquagem.com/ to discover Aquagem’s latest innovations.


Welcome to stop by Aquagem’s stand 6H59 at Piscine Global Europe in Lyon, France, from 15–18 November 2022.