Aquagem , Forerunner of inverter technology for pool pumps


Aquagem , Forerunner of inverter technology for pool pumps

Aquagem , Forerunner of inverter technology for pool pumps

Release time:2020.05.21

For hundreds of years, people have to put up with a noise above 70 dBA generated by a motor. This was changed since the application of inverter technology in the 1960s. Because of its exceptional performance in silence and energy saving, inverter technology has been widely accepted. Led by a team of more than 20 years’ experience in inverter electronic control system, Aquagem has been dedicating to developing a low noise solution for pool pumps since 2017.

Following the great success of Aquagem’s first full touch screen frequency inverter for single speed pumps in 2017, the first inverter pool pump – XFlow was launched by end of 2019. This has made Aquagem a forerunner introducing inverter technology to swimming pool pumps.

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Powered by InverSilence Technology, XFlow hit a low noise record by a sound pressure at 38.9 dBA @1 meter for a 1.1kw model, which is 20 times quieter than conventional pumps.

XFlow, Aquagem’s 1st inverter pool pump

With InverSilence Technology, XFlow is the quietest pool pump. Equipped with a soft start, it ramps up to 100% capacity smoothly, not only can it meet a demand for proper filtration, it also ensures a super quiet running. Compared with standard pumps, it was recognized by partners as a “reeeaaaally good” pump due to its exceptional performance.

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  • Record breaking noise level – 20 times quieter at full capacity
    Since the existence of pool industry in the 60s, pool pump has been a pain in the neck, people come up with an idea of a pump house to stop the noise. However with an inverter technology, this hundred-year-problem can be solved. At a running capacity of 40%, you can get a sound level low as 38.9 dBA.

  • Double energy saving
    SILENCE IS SAVING. Powered by InverSilence Technology, XFlow can be adjusted from 40%-100% capacity to meet different demand. Not only can it significantly reduce noise level at full capacity, but also you are saving massively, up to 70% compared to conventional pumps, including variable speed pumps. The amount of energy saved ensure you a payback of 1.5 years.

  • Intuitive touch screen with power consumption reading
    With a trendy full touch screen, XFlow makes operation easy. No more trouble caused by a big finger on push buttons on a small pad, no more wrong settings. By just one-click, you can start backwash cycle, upon completion of backwash, it shall exit automatically and go back to previous running state.

  • Double service time
    Thanks to the inverter technology, the on-off operation of motor and inverter driver are working in a very comfortable condition, not only this ensures a better filtration performance, but also the life expectancy can be greatly extended due to ease on load pressure.


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