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Aquagem 2020 Year in Review

The global swimming pool pumps market has been garnering remarkable momentum in recent years. Taking into account current trends, future prospects and the effects of COVID-19, the pool pump market is still expected to grow in the future. Catering for market demand, Aquagem keeps advancing and has attained major breakthroughs in 2020.

Aquagem Pool Pump 2020 Year in Review

Sales Performance

As of early December, Aquagem’s sales volume has increasesd by 67.1%, with a 114.2% year-on-year rise in sales. By supplying high quality pool pump products, Aquagem has extended its product footprint in 33 countries and regions.

Research and Innovation

As a technical leading supplier, Aquagem focuses on pool pumps and accessories to enable a smart and eco-friendly pool system. Our R&D staff accounts for about 30% of the total workforce. In 2020, with the continuous efforts of R&D team, we have effectively developed InverSilence Technology, the first core technology in pump application addressing noise. What followed is PFlow, our new inverter pool pump that reduces the sound level by 20 times. This work has resulted in Aquagem obtaining two European Union Design Patents and 8 Chinese Patents. By providing the quietest inverter pump in the pool industry, Aquagem takes the pool pump to the next level.


This year, Aquagem has joined 2 major industry events – Piscina&Wellness BARCELONA and Piscine Connect for exclusive showcases of our latest products and technology. There are good chances for us to get industry insight and make in-depth exchange of views on potential cooperation. As part of the events, we would like to thank all our guests for meeting and sharing excellent opinions with us.

As we wave goodbye to 2020 and will soon enter into a new year, Aquagem will keep exploring to foster the development of swimming pool products and technologies. There’s a lot more to look forward to in 2021, so stay tuned!

Post time: Dec-17-2020