How Long Does A Pool Pump Last?


How Long Does A Pool Pump Last?

How Long Does A Pool Pump Last?

Release time:2022.07.01

A pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool. It must function to purify the water and ensure that swimming is safe. As summer approaches, more and more people prefer to spend it at the pool. Therefore, we need pool pumps in good working order to obtain pure and safe swimming water.

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How Long Does a Pool Pump Usually Last?

The actual lifespan of a pump is determined by whether you select the adequate pool pump for your pool and maintain it in excellent working order. Averagely, a well-maintained, high-quality pool pump will last 8 to 15 years or more.

In addition, it also depends on how you intend to use the pool. If you only use your swimming pool in the summer, your pump should last ten swimming seasons for the minimum. But if you use it all year, you will shorten its lifespan. However, even the best-maintained pumps will fail due to wear and tear. If you have used your pump for up to 12 to 15 years, maybe it is time to invest in a new pump.

How Long Does A Pool Pump Motor Last?

The longevity of the pool pump motor is significant because it is one of the most critical aspects of the swimming pool filtration system. A pool pump motor usually lasts approximately 8 to 10 years if installed adequately.

This, of course, is based on how often the pump is used and how often it is sufficiently maintained. Pump motors are meant to run continuously, but if they are not exposed to extreme weather or excessive moisture, their service life can be extended. It is vital to closely watch your pool pump motor to ensure it is in good working order. You should check the pump for any malfunctions at least once a year.

What Determines the Lifespan of a Swimming Pool Pump?

The best pool pumps, of course, are those that last a long time since they do not require regular maintenance, which spares you maintenance costs and hassle in the long run. The life of a good pool pump is determined by two key factors: the quality of the pool pump and its efficiency. A swimming pool pump that makes a lot of noise and uses a lot of energy is definitely not the ideal option. The higher the quality and efficiency of the pool pump, the less likely it is to be replaced.

Do Inverter Pool Pumps Last Longer?

Due to the inability to vary the speed, the life expectancy of a traditional single-speed pump is usually between 4 and 10 years. With new technology bringing inverter pool pumps, many pool owners are attempting to acquaint themselves well with the estimated lifetime of these new pool pumps to establish the feasibility of the return on investment.

To achieve the highest return on investment, you should utilize your pool pump for as long as possible. Generally, an inverter pool pump consumes less energy than a single-speed pool pump. The amount of energy you save will depend on the amount of power your pump consumes and the speed you run the pump motor.

Aquagem, the creator of the inverter pool pump, demonstrates how inverter technology helps create an energy-efficient swimming pool and extend the life of your pool pumps. Thanks to the patented InverSilence® technology, the Aquagem inverter pool pump InverPro is powered by the DC brushless fan motor, which has less noise and higher efficiency but is also more durable with a longer lifespan.

The InverPro creates the most silent and energy-saving pool pump solution for pool owners, bringing 15 times more energy-saving and 30 times more silent swimming experience to meet the high standard of residential needs.


The easiest way to avoid a poorly designed pool pump is to choose a trusted supplier. Aquagem, one of China’s leading inverter pool pump manufacturers, has developed InverSilence® technology to create the most silent and high-efficiency pool pump solutions. To learn more, welcome to contact our experts.