iSAVER+, Your Clever Pool Stewar


iSAVER+, Your Clever Pool Stewar

iSAVER+, Your Clever Pool Stewar

Release time:2019.07.25

iSAVER+ pool pump inverter is like a smart pool equipment steward. You deserve to have.

iSAVER+, Your Clever Pool Steward - Aquagem

What Can It Do?
iSAVER+ pool pump inverter can control your single speed pump. Why do we have to control the speed of the pump? Because the speed of the pump is related to the effect of water filtration and circulation. What speed works best? Of course, at full speed, the pump has the best effect. However, you will find many problems in it.

The effect of full speed is good, but do we always need it? What is the downside of it? It creates more noise. Moreover, in this state for a long time, the motor and the pump body are subjected to the maximum load, which shortens its service life.

Is There a Better Way?
Yes, indeed! In fact, to achieve the same filtering effect, we do not need to maintain the pump speed at full speed for a long time. When the pool activity is relatively gentle, we can actually run the pool pump at a lower speed. This will keep the filter and make the place quieter. At the same time, this also protects the service life of pump.

Too Much Pool Work?
And this repetitive and regular work, in fact, you don’t have to do it yourself. You can safely hand it over to the clever pool steward – iSAVER+ pool pump inverter.

iSAVER+ is able to adjust the single speed pump freely. You can create up to 4 timers based on your pool run plan. Different timers run at different speeds. This is like a steward to help you manage the pool. It feels really comfortable.

Save Your Wallet
Your pool work is arranged to be stable and proper. iSAVER+ inverter eases your workload. And because the speed is reduced to a different degree, your energy bill is also reduced. This can’t believe that we can encounter such a good thing.

iSAVER+ pool pump inverter is really like a smart pool steward. Do what you do, save what you save. Quietly in your backyard, working tirelessly.