How Does A Multiport Valve Work


How Does A Multiport Valve Work

How Does A Multiport Valve Work

Release time:2023.07.31

As we know, multiport valves used in sand and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters can assist in backwashing or cleaning the filter medium. With automatic multiport valves, we can even significantly reduce our maintenance time while improving the overall performance of our sand or D.E. filtering system. Are there any other benefits of multiport valves besides this? Is there a difference between automatic and non-automatic multiport valves? And how do they work? In the following sections, we will talk about the working principles and advantages of pool multiport valves and the difference between automatic and non-automatic multiport valves to help you choose the best swimming pool selector valve.


How Does A Multiport Valve Work?

Multiport valves for swimming pool filter work by changing the flow direction internally through a pre-designed flow path and can switch between 90 or 180 degrees individually, allowing the medium to flow through two or three ports if necessary. In short, a multiport valve controls and redirects the water flow as it enters and leaves the filter.


What Are The Advantages Of Multiport Valve?

Multiport valves feature great functionality and require less space. Their multiple ports help regulate water flow, making them easier to clean and maintain. Each setting on a multiport valve, such as filter, backwash, rinse, and recirculation, serves a different cleaning, filtering, or other functional purpose. These settings allow for better control over filtration and help improve water clarity. By effectively removing debris and contaminants, a multiport valve for sand filter or D.E. filter ensures pool water quality remains desirable.



What Is The Difference Between Automatic Valve And Non-Automatic Valve?

The main difference between automatic and non-automatic valves is the convenience of user operation and the intelligence of the control system.

Manual multiport valves require pool users to change their settings by moving the lever back and forth. Yet, automatic multiport valves for swimming pool filters are more intelligent and easier to operate, with new high-end valves preferring one-button operation. I-Wash, the latest automatic multiport valve developed by Aquagem, allows users to operate the valve by simply pressing a button on its full-touch pad. I-Wash is the industry’s first full-touch automatic filter valve that delivers a leading-edge visual and interactive experience for the user. The panel of this new automatic multiport valve is no longer complex as a wiring diagram. Pool users can easily manage it, making maintenance simpler.


While traditional multiport valves require manual switching to RINSE mode after backwashing, I-Wash automatic multiport valve, on the other hand, incorporates a RINSE function into the backwash process, which automatically switches to RINSE mode after backwashing and autonomously removes residual wastes from the plumbing. The “1 TOUCH BACKWASH” operation enabled by I-Wash eliminates the need for the user to press the button twice, which is more user-friendly and innovative in the interactive experience.


More intelligently, the I-Wash can work jointly with an inverter pool pump. A one-touch backwash button is available on the full-touch pads of each I-Wash Automatic Multiport Valve and InverPro pool pump. Users can start the backwash with either the I-Wash Automatic Multiport Valve or the InverPro pool pump and adjust the backwashing speed between 80% and 100% of the pump flow rate through I-Wash. With unique INVERCLEAR tech created by Aquagem, I-Wash works collaboratively with the inverter pool pump, integrating the circulation and filtration system into one-stop intelligent control.



Multiport valves are an essential part of a pool filtration system. Its filtration, backwash, and rinse functions are critical to the well-being of the pool and filtration system. Aquagem’s I-Wash Automatic Multiport Valve features a full-touch pad design with the unique “1 TOUCH BACKWASH” function that simplifies the six functions of the multiport sand filter valve: filter, backwash, rinse, recirculation, waste, and closed, eliminating the need for manual valve adjustments and pump switching, making it more manageable and user-friendly. Contact Aquagem experts today to learn more about I-Wash Automatic Multiport Valve.