How To Care For Your Swimming Pool In Winter?


How To Care For Your Swimming Pool In Winter?

How To Care For Your Swimming Pool In Winter?

Release time:2021.12.17

Pool maintenance in winter is necessary, whether for inground pools or aboveground pools. By doing small, weekly pool care tasks to properly maintain your pool during winter, you can save yourself from costly, time-consuming repairs and replacements afterward.

Why is pool maintenance important in winter?

With proper pool maintenance beyond the swimming season, even in colder temperatures during the winter months, it is helpful to avoid lots of troublesome issues with algae, corrosion, stains, and winter damages to the pool systems before summer arrives again. It benefits in:

  • Keeping the pool water safe and clean

  • Avoid future health-related issues

  • Ensuring expensive pool equipment from damages

  • Preventing the blooming of algae and bacteria

  • Protecting the pool surface and pool systems

  • Saving the efforts on pool cleaning

  • Reducing the overall costs

 Here are our Top 5 simply winter care tips for your pool as the weather cools:

Easy Tips in Pool Maintenance in Winter


1. Clean your pool

Cleaning the leaves and other debris in the baskets of your pool pump and skimmers to ensure the efficient running of the pool filtration system, and brushing the walls and floor of your pool every few weeks helps prevent the icky algae from forming. Don’t forget to backwash your filter as well.

Inverter pool pump meets the complicated needs in pool maintenance for different seasons, thanks to the advanced inverter technology InverSilence® Tech. By intelligently controlling the running capacity from 30%-100%, inverter pool pump is energy-efficient in the daily pool circulation by saving up to 15 times energy, while available to provide the strong power required in backwashing the pool filter. What’s more, the one-click backwash function of InverPro is convenient in pool cleaning as well.  

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2. Lower the pool water level

Under the freezing temperature in winter, the expansion of frozen water would do harm to expensive pool equipment of pool pump and pool heat pump, causing cracks on the pool pipes, tiles and liner.

To prevent these freezing damages, a basic pool cleaning tip is to lower the water level below the skimmer around 3-15 cm to avoid the plumbing freezes, and drain the pool equipment to get rid of excess water.

However, it’s not recommended to completely drain out the whole pool for winter, especially for the properly winterized pool water. Keeping water in the pool provides a protective barrier and helps to prevent the liner from drying out, shrinking and cracking, saving costly repairs after the winter.


3. Beware of the freezing weather

For some regions with freezing winter, the cold weather can freeze and expand the water left in the pool systems, damaging the pool equipment and plumbing. Therefore, remember to beware of the weather changes and pay attention to the temperature limits of the expensive pool equipment.

If the pool water hasn’t frozen yet, a practical tip on preventing the freezing damages to the plumbs and the whole pool system is to ensure the normal pool circulation when temperatures plummet. This is helpful to avoid costly repairs from frozen pool equipment or leaking plumbing.


4.  Balance the pool water

Keeping a balanced pool water chemistry throughout the winter is a crucial part of protecting your swimming pool. If the pH, chlorine and calcium hardness are out of standard ranges for an extended period of time, it could wreak havoc on your pool equipment and pool surface, and bring a high risk of blooming algae and bacteria when temperature rises.

The pool should be balanced at least once a week in winter to keep the pool water clean and safe. In addition, add algaecide to kill any existing algae and prevent new blooms during the winter. And make sure to run your inverter pool pump for several hours to fully filter the chemicals all around the pool circulation every time you shock your pool.

By applying the advanced InverSilence® Tech, the inverter pool pump InverPro of Aquagem is able to circulate the pool at high energy efficiency with strong water power. It only requires 100W to move large amount of water at 10m³/h with 8 meters head. What’s more, its inverter technology guarantees its silent running at merely 36dB(A) at 1 meter, which is 30 times quieter than the single-speed pool pumps.

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 5.  Cover your pool

Using a pool cover is a simply but efficient way to prevent snow, debris from falling into the pool and save you efforts of pool cleaning since they may carry spores of algae and bacteria that may threaten the safety of the pool water.  

It’s also important to remove any dirt, leaves, branches or other debris that may have fallen on top of the pool cover to avoid them all falling in the pool when you take the cover off. In case all your pool cleaning efforts will go to waste, and everything starts from scratch.