Backwash Your Pool Filter


Backwash Your Pool Filter

Backwash Your Pool Filter

Release time:2018.09.26

Backwash is the process of cleaning the pool filter thoroughly by reversing the flow of water to wash out contaminants. By backwashing, you do not have to clean the filter manually. And it usually takes only a few minutes. What you need to do is make the equipment repeat the process until the water through the pipe is clear and clean.

Filter and backwash

While each type of filter will keep the pool clean, you’ll need to choose a filter of the right size and need to clean it regularly. Cartridge filters are popular because they are easy to maintain. However, be sure to choose a filter that fits the size of your pool.

How often backwash is required

Whether backwash is required depends on how often you use the pool. When you actually get a lot of dirt during normal use, you can backwash properly early. Diatomaceous earth filters are usually disassembled and cleaned at least six times a year. You don’t need extra backwashing unless your pool gets very dirty.

Also, if the pool is hit by a storm or a severe weather, or a large algae outbreak, be sure to backwash.

How to backwash the filter

Different filters will have different requirements and practices. Contact the filter manufacturer if you can.

Close the pump and adjust the backwash valve to the backwash setting. Open the pump again. Try alternating between backwash and rinse to remove more contaminants. Always turn off the pump when adjusting Settings.

Energy Saving

After cleaning the filter, you can save energy by running the pump at a lower rate. If your pump is a single speed pool pump, I recommend adding an Aquagem’s iSAVER pool pump speed controller. The iSAVER pool pump speed controller has different gears, which allows you to adjust the speed of the pool pump according to different needs.

Backwash Your Pool Filter - Aquagem pool pump speed controller