How to Use Inverter Pool Pumps


How to Use Inverter Pool Pumps

How to Use Inverter Pool Pumps

Release time:2022.12.29

The inverter drive is the best controller for swimming pool pumps, as proven by the market over the years. The InverPro, created by Aquagem, is the first full-inverter pool pump in the world, shattering the stereotype that pool pumps are as noisy as electric drills and hard to use manually as Morse code. With the superior performance of 15 times energy-saving and 30 times silent, the InverPro is a pool pump that combines super silence and intelligent control with a modern design. It is well recognized as a significant advancement in the pool pump industry at Piscine Global Europe 2022 in Lyon, France.

Proper use of the inverter pool pump can increase efficiency. In this article, we will provide clear instructions on how to use the inverter pool pump.

How do I automate my pool pump?

Automating your pool pump is an important part of automating your pool. The inverter pool pump is powered by an inverter system which brings automation. Equipped with an intelligent full-touch controller which is like an iPad mounted on a pool pump, it is easy to control the pump with your fingertips. Thanks to the InverSilence® technology, the unique full-touch screen of the InverPro displays real-time power consumption, visible energy savings. To make the whole operation as easy as possible, the full-screen touch controller can access commonly-used functions such as self-priming, switching operation modes, and setting timers. Remote app control is also available.

How do I start self-priming?

When starting the pool pump for the first time, the pool pump will be self-priming to keep the pump from running dry or damaging other parts like the motor, mechanical seal, etc. Hence, ensuring the pool pump not running without water is crucial. Aquagem’s InverPro pool pump has a unique feature of no-water protection. The pump will automatically shut off the power and deliver a prompt alert if it is not full of water before starting. In this way, it effectively protects the pool pump, dramatically increasing its safety and durability.

How does self-priming work?

When you switch on the InverPro pool pump, it will automatically self-prime. Afterward, the pool pump will learn by itself to redefine the flow range of the system by detecting the pressure in the pipeline. As one of the few pool pumps on the market with automatic adjustment and self-learning capability, the InverPro controls the flow rate based on a pressure sensor that maintains a more accurate constant flow rate. You don’t need to go through tedious calculations to get an approximate flow rate, as the InverPro performs its calculations and sets a flow range that works best for the pump.

Should I choose the pump speed by myself?

No, you don’t necessarily need to set the pump speed manually while using the InverPro pool pump. Under the Auto Inverter mode, you can adjust the flow rate by using the “UP” and “DOWN” icons. Then, the inverter system will adjust the running capacity according to the preset flow rate. The Auto Inverter mode takes only three seconds to keep the inverter pool pump running automatically and maintain a steady flow rate.

Apart from the Auto Inverter mode, the InverPro inverter pool pump is also available with a Manual Inverter mode. You can adjust the percentage by pressing the “UP” and “DOWN” icons. The speed will vary by 5% with each press. You can tune the running capacity to your needs within a 30% to 100% range.

How to control the pool pump remotely?

You can wirelessly control your InverPro pool pump from your smartphone without going to the machine room. The Aquagem inverter pool pumps feature a built-in Wi-Fi module. You can easily download the InverFlow app from the App Store or Google Play. Once registered, connect to your pool pump for remote control from anywhere with features such as Auto Inverter mode, Manual Inverter mode, timer, and more.


User-friendliness is a highlight of the InverPro pool pump, aiming to make it easy to use and accessible to beginners. With a handy one-step setup, the InverPro inverter pool pump developed by Aquagem offers a convenient solution with a full-touch screen, bringing users an excellent experience of 15 times energy-saving and 30 times silent. Get more how-to advice in the following video.