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Aquagem: Keep Moving Forward 2020

2019 has been a good year for us as a result of working hard on introducing new and innovative pool products for our customers. As energy conservation is becoming increasingly important, more and more customers are looking for energy saving products or products to improve existing installations. Especially when Australia and the United States planned to implement the new regulations of energy performance standards in 2020/2021, variable speed pump will become mandatory for powering a pool’s filtration system.

Gemflow VS Successful Debut in Barcelona & Köln

Thanks to the inverter technology, with its optimum energy efficiency, Aquagem’s innovations gained successful debut. Gemflow VS, the first global full touch screen variable speed pool pump, is our important innovation for 2020 season. At this year’s Barcelona show and Aquanale show, we received numerous direct feedbacks and suggestions, the lively exchange of forward looking ideas with our partners and customers made us have a brighter blueprint of product research and development plan.

iSAVER+ Being Unique Pool Product in Poland

Beyond that, our successful product iSAVER+ pool pump inverter was introduced into Polish market and reported on Polish media with the strong support of our partner FUNAM. It is a device that allows users to control the speed of a pool pump with an ac motor to significantly reduce electricity costs, wear and tear of the pump/motor. Different from Gemflow VS, iSAVER+ is an energy saving solution for single speed pool pumps. Being a unique energy saving product in Polish market, we are sure there will be more and more pool users see the benefits of iSAVER+, especially the big savings all summer long!

Meet the Challenges with Aquagem in 2020

2019 is now behind us. Let’s meet in 2020 for another year filled with novelties and surprises. As an ideal one-stop solution provider for inverter pool products, we don’t wait for opportunities only, we aim to be the game changer. Stay tuned with Aquagem on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, welcome to meet the challenges with Aquagem.

Post time: Jan-08-2020