How to Choose A Suitable Pool Pump?


How to Choose A Suitable Pool Pump?

How to Choose A Suitable Pool Pump?

Release time:2021.02.19

Unquestionably, a silent and energy-saving inverter pool pump is a premier choice. But the selection of the wrong type will only make your pump inefficient and short-lived. So, you should learn to choose a suitable pool pump. But how? Follow the steps below.

How to Choose A Suitable Pool Pump

Step1. Measure the volume of your pool

The pool volume is one element to calculate the water flow. In Europe, the volume is commonly measured by the cubic meter(m³), and in the United States, it is by the gallon(gal).

Step2. Calculate the flow rate

As for the calculation of the per hour flow rate, take a 48-m³ pool as an example:
If you want to circulate water twice a day* and let’s assume the water pump works 10 hours a day, the hourly flow rate is:
48 m³×2÷10=9.6 m³/h
*The circulation frequency can vary according to different standards or needs.

Step3. Gauge the feet of head

When it comes to measuring the feet of head, notice that there is a difference between the theoretical value and the practical value. Theoretically, the figure is the drop between the inlet and the outlet of a pump. However, you should also consider the resistance of all components of the whole pool system including valves and turns, the filter, and the heater. Simply speaking, the feet of head of your chosen model should be bigger than its theoretical figure.

Step4. Choose the right type based on the parameter

After finding out the needed flow rate and feet of head, you could choose the right type based on the pump performance curves.

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