How to Save the Bill Cost for Swimming Pool Pump?


How to Save the Bill Cost for Swimming Pool Pump?

How to Save the Bill Cost for Swimming Pool Pump?

Release time:2018.07.17

Swimming pools are great for cooling off in summer. A nice dip after a long, hot day can be a godsend. Fancy a cystal clear pool with filtration running 24 hours a day? but wait, it can be costly.

Let numbers tell you everything.

- More than 1.4 million swimming pools in Australia*
– Around 90,000 new pumps are sold each year in Australia*
– 1.5 pool pumps for each swimming pool or spa on average*
– Almost 87 per cent households had a pool, 54 per cent installed single speed pumps*
– Swimming pools typically use up to 40 per cent of the average Australian pool owners’ total energy use*
– Around 18 per cent of the energy bill for households with swimming pools*
– By 2030, the total number of pool pumps in operation could be around 2.2 million*

According to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency ARENA, if all the pool pump and filters were on at once, they would use up to 3.7 GW of energy – the equivalent of two Liddell-sized power stations running at capacity. That is to say, Australian households are paying the highest electricity prices in the world.

At present, pool pumps use over 1500 GWh* of electricity per year in Australia. The amount of electricity consumed by pool pumps is likely to rise as the number of pools installed and pool pumps increases. There are large gains possible across Australia, if pool owners invest a bit more on a frequency inverter, running cost of a single speed pool pump will be significantly reduced.

How to Save the Bill Cost for Swimming Pool Pump?

A smart management will make a big difference to reducing household energy use. As global awareness of environmental protection increases, inverter technology has become more and more important worldwide given its advantages of big energy saving. iSAVER, being the FIRST frequency inverter for pool pumps with patent design, enables speed regulation on single speed pool pumps so as to meet different application demand without wasting energy.

Let’s see how iSAVER can save for your bill cost. For example, swimming pool is typically equipped with a 2HP 2900 RPM pool pump. In a six-month swimming season, annual energy bill is AUD$524. After installing an iSAVER in system, it can only be AUD$83. Yes, you read it well, just AUD$83, you are saving AUD$441 a year, easy saving up to 80% at low speed!

How about the greenhouse gas emissions? Same for a 2HP 2900 RPM pool pump, running 6 hours per day in 180 days, the annual electricity consumption is 1587.6 kWh. After installing an iSAVER in system, it can only be 251.64 kWh. The annual greenhouse gas emissions is reduced to 868kgs, equivalent planting 39 trees a year, can you imagine that?


Save the Bill Cost for Swimming Pool Pump - Aquagem


From August 1-2 2018, Aquagem will make its first debut at SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show in Gold Coast, Australia. Being the first supplier of frequency inverters tailored for single speed pool pumps, we are proud to introduce the unique patent design of our iSAVER range at SPLASH! to worldwide customers and visitors. Not only saves energy up to 80% at low speed, but also reduces the noise from the pump dramatically by 25%. Welcome to visit us at Stand 244, iSAVER is ready to amaze you.

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1. Pool Pumps CRIS November 2016 by Energy Rating, a joint initiative of Australian, State and Territory and New Zealand Governments.
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