How A Pool Works


How A Pool Works

How A Pool Works

Release time:2021.10.22

To keep the pool running healthily, the pool circulation systems work together in a 24-hour period to keep the pool water circulating clean, fresh and warm.

In short, pool water is drawn from the pool, pushed throughout the circulation systems and returned to the pool under the powerful suction and pressure created from the pool pump, passing through the main pool systems including filtration system, heating system and sanitization system.


How Pool Filtration System Work?

Under the pressure created by the pool pump, the pool water is drawn from the pool through the skimmers and drains around the pool, where large debris and trash are removed. Powered up by the pool pump, the water is pushed through the filter, removing the debris and dirt particles behind.

As the heart of the whole pool circulation system, pool pump creates the water flow to keep the pool systems operating. Pool owners can choose between inverter pool pumps and single-speed pool pumps. Key differences include:

  • Optimal Speed – Single-speed pool pumps can only run at full speed, while inverter pool pumps can automatically adjust the running speed from 30-100% capacity to meet needs of different applications.

  • Energy Saving – Inverter pool pumps can save up to 15 times energy cost of a single-speed pool pump.

  • Silence – Inverter pool pump only operates at 36dB(A) @ 1m on average, which is 30 times quieter than a single-speed pool pump.

  • Automation – With an intelligent inverter controller, inverter pool pumps can automatically run at different speeds at different times of the day, saving you all the time and efforts to the manual adjustment.

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How a pool works

How Pool Heating System Work?

After filtered by the filtration system, the pool water goes in to the heating system next. The water passes through the pool heat pump and gets heated to a warm temperature. The pool heater warms the water to a pre-set temperature from 26-30℃, allowing pool users to enjoy the swimming fun even under the cool weather in any season.

There are 5 main options to consider when it comes to a pool heater. 

  1. Inverter Pool Heat Pump

  2. On/off Pool Heat Pump

  3. Solar Heater

  4. Electric Heater

  5. Gas Heater

How Pool Sanitization System Work?

The last pool system that water passes through before returning back into the pool is the sanitization system, where bacteria, germs, algae and other microbials are removed from the pool water to keep it clean and safe.

There are 5 main options on the market that is efficient in water disinfection.

  1. chlorinated system

  2. saltwater system

  3. UV system

  4. ozone system

  5. hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation systems (AOP)

Realizing the construction and functions of different pool systems, you must have deeper understandings to the pool circulation system. With the right equipment, especially the heart equipment pool pump, you can improve your system functionality and the cleanliness of your pool in no time. Visit our website today for more information. Please feel free to Contact Our Experts for further advice in building up your own pool systems.