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Fruitful and Memorable Aquagem at SPATEX Virtual

The SPATEX Virtual, UK’s top international swimming pool and spa exhibition held from 2nd -4th February, was concluded successfully. Although it is the first time that Aquagem has attended a virtual trade show, we harvested a lot.

On SPATEX Virtual, we introduced our first inverter pool pump, PFlow to visitors, and made the debut of InverPro.

Fruitful and Memorable Aquagem at SPATEX Virtual

PFlow is the first inverter pool pump with an intuitive touch screen control. The pool pump has distinguished itself from others with silent performance, low running costs, and simple control. On this occasion, we have made its merits more widespread.

InverPro is our latest model powered by InverSilence Tech. It boasts stronger hard power and will lead to a new trend in the global inverter pool pump market. InverPro is the most silent inverter pump in the pool industry with a noise level of 36dB(A) at 1m, 0.6 dB(A) lower than that of PFlow. Driven by an efficient motor and an improved hydraulic system, the latest pump can be 3 times more energy-efficient. Also, its user-friendly touch screen controller makes the model much more competitive. The cutting-edge model received an enthusiastic response in the exhibition.

Besides product recommendations, we also answered FAQs from visitors and popularized operation and maintenance methodologies to them. Our team was attentive and fully demonstrated our service spirit. The whole interaction section was bathed in a warm atmosphere.

Fruitful and Memorable Aquagem at SPATEX Virtual - Aquagem inverter pool pump and the sales team

Thanks to this well-established platform and strong support from our customers, we experienced such an unforgettable and fruitful time. Aquagem will step up efforts to boost the development of the pool pump industry.

Post time: Feb-05-2021