Pool Pump Filtering Problems And Choices


Pool Pump Filtering Problems And Choices

Pool Pump Filtering Problems And Choices

Release time:2022.08.01

How to set the number of swimming pool pumps? When the swimming pool is not open at night, the swimming pool can be operated at 50% or 30% of the circulating water flow, which can reduce energy consumption and keep the water quality of the pool unaffected. For a dedicated swimming pool with a small and stable pool load, it is allowed to completely stop running at night. However, this type of swimming pool should be circulated and purified once before it is opened for use the next day before it can be used. The swimming pool pump cannot be closed when the pool is open for use.

Aiming at the problem that impurities frequently block the impeller of the pool pump, the swimming pool equipment adopts the method of clearing every block but not overnight. Although this can be avoided, the frequent disassembly of the pool pump body results in increased abrasion of parts such as the pump port ring and a lot of manpower to clean the block each time.
In order to change this situation, a carbon steel anti-fouling box was installed at the inlet pipe of the pump with a 45-degree inclination angle. A filter screen is used in the box to filter impurities again to avoid clogging. The swimming pool cleaners clean the pollution block 1 to 3 times a month. There are two types of rotor blades for swimming pool pumps, namely swirling blades and cutting blades. These two types of blades are widely used. The swirling impeller does not move in the conveyed medium. According to the principle of fluid dynamics, the medium to be pumped is guided to the pump cavity, and the pumped medium flows past the impeller. In this way, the long fibers or solid substances in the pumped liquid medium are also pumped out. The cutting blades can chop up larger solid materials so that they are no longer clogged.

Swimming pool filter pump shaft seal fever:
Reason: The packing is too tight or rubbed. Treatment method: loosen the filler and check the water seal pipe. The water seal ring and the water seal pipe are misaligned.
Treatment method 1: recheck the alignment of poor flushing and cooling. Treatment method 2: check the flushing and cooling circulation pipe.
If the mechanical seal is faulty, check the mechanical seal of the swimming pool pump.

How about the swimming pool pump now? Which pool pump brand we should choose? Or how we can wholesale the best pump for swimming pool?
There are many kinds of swimming pool pumps, many pool pump brands, many powers, and models. Which factors should be used to choose a pool pump?

First of all, we must determine the circulation period of the swimming pool water, determine the amount of water processed per hour, and determine the pool pump model.

The following factors should be considered when determining the cycle period:

The first step: the type of swimming pool: for competition, private use, hotel, indoor and other swimming pools, the number of users is small or relatively fixed, the quality of swimmers is better, and the personal hygiene is better after swimming before and after swimming. Therefore, the pollution to the pool water is slow, and a longer cycle period can be used in the design. On the contrary, when the washing facilities of the public swimming pool or swimming pool are not perfect, due to a large number of people or the poor personal hygiene treatment before swimming, the pool water will be polluted quickly. At this time, a shorter cycle period should be used to wholesale the pool pumps.

Step 2: Determine the circulating flow rate, that is, the amount of water processed per hour.

The third step: Figure out the total water volume of the swimming pool, the water volume processed per hour during the cycle

Knowing the cycle period and the amount of water processed per hour is easy, and all that is left is to determine the filter model of the swimming pool filter pump. At the same time, determine the pool filter pump front suction system or pool filter pump rear suction system; the pool pump front suction system has the same elevation as the horizontal plane; the floor of the machine room is higher than the water level; the bottom of the machine room is not greater than the water pool pumps rear suction system: The floor of the computer room must be lower than the swimming pool pump. The efficiency of the swimming pool circulation system will be significantly improved. The circulation system is very important to the swimming pool. Pool pump is one of the important swimming pool water treatment equipment, responsible for the filtration and purification of the pool water. Therefore, when building a computer room, people will carefully consider the choice of swimming pool filter pump, which is related to the normal operation of the swimming pool in the future.