What Is the Best Time to Run Your Pool Pump?


What Is the Best Time to Run Your Pool Pump?

What Is the Best Time to Run Your Pool Pump?

Release time:2021.12.31

Deciding on the best time to run a pool pump might get tricky, as pool owners would love to keep their pools clear all the time and meanwhile have a friendly power bill. But in different situations, the best time to run a pool pump varies. Read on to see how to maintain your swimming pool at optimal status and cut costs when running an inverter pool pump.

1. Is it better to run your pool pump at night or during the day?

  • Running a Pool Pump at Night Time

If you want to get the electric bill as low as possible, night time will be your good choice. In many areas, the electricity will be the cheapest at night during which its demand is the lowest. But running the pool pump at night might lead to poor algae clean-up. We’ll explain it next.

  • Running a Pool Pump during the Day

When it comes to pool sanitizing, chlorine is supposed to be added into the pool and have a filtration through your pool system, so as to remove the algae. But note that during daytime, the sun’s UV rays can easily undermine and even damage the chlorine, and what’s worse, algae thrive with the sun shining. So, if you only run the pool pump at night, you will leave the chlorine attacked by the sun and failed in killing the algae.

Besides, since algae grow much faster during the day, there’s a larger need for running the pool pump.

So here comes a dilemma — it seems that a healthy pool cannot coexist with a friendly electric bill. But Aquagem can perfectly solve this problem. The InverPro, an exceedingly energy-efficient full inverter pool pump, can intelligently change the running capacity according to different conditions and keep an optimal power output at the meanwhile. Therefore, it is a combination of strong water power and high energy efficiency, saving up to 15 times more energy.

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2. Should a Pool Pump Run Continuously?

As the heart of the pool system, a pool pump serves to remove the debris, chemicals, algae, etc. So ideally, a pool pump should run all day for the whole year round. But apart from a crystal-clear swimming pool, doing so will also bring you soaring electric bills, especially when you have a traditional single-speed pump.

That’s why Aquagem can stand out for providing you with a full inverter pool pump — InverPro. You can feel free to run the pool pump 24/7 all year round without worries about high costs. What’s more, thanks to the InverSilence® Technology, the full DC inverter pool pump InverPro is 30 times more silent. Even if you keep it running all the time, InverPro allows no noise to disturb your sleep or work, or your joyful family time.

If you want to know more details about how long you should run your pool pump, please have a look at our previous article — How Long to Run a Pool Pump and Cut Costs?

In conclusion, running the pool pump continuously all day long is the best choice. If you feel limited by the possible high costs, Aquagem is always your companion to sweep away your concern. Click here to view about us: https://www.aquagem.com/