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How about Variable Frequency Drive Pump?

Water saving and energy saving is one of the basic requirements for the sustainable development of the earth. How to save water and energy in swimming pools is a subject that should be considered deeply by all of us in the swimming pool industry. Variable frequency drive pump is a kind of energy saving pump in recent years.

Frequency conversion technology is applied to the water pump system, which can save water and energy and facilitate automatic management. The variable frequency drive pump is used to adjust the speed of the pump motor in real time by changing the power supply frequency. This makes the pump head and flow rate vary with the motor speed, so as to maximize the use of energy and achieve the purpose of energy saving of the pump equipment.

Once the single speed pump starts running, the motor runs at rated speed and supplies water at rated output. When starting the pump, because to overcome the larger static friction force of the pipe, the pump needs to have a higher head in the instantaneous. But when the water begins to flow normally in the pipeline, it is not necessary to run the pump at large power. But the speed of a single speed pump is not adjustable. At high speed, it not only consumes power, but also tends to cause excessive pipeline pressure. This tends to damage pipes and pool equipment.

By adjusting the motor speed, the variable frequency drive pump can meet the requirements of the swimming pool.

The use of variable frequency drive pump in the pool water treatment system has many advantages. It can save electricity cost, reduce the working pressure of water treatment equipment, and thus extend the service life of equipment. At the same time, it can also improve the precision of filter equipment, reduce the risk of water pump suction, and improve the automatic control level of swimming pool machine room.

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Post time: Nov-15-2018