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Why Efficient Pool Pumps Matter

The importance of a pool pump to your pool can only be compared to the importance of heart to the body. Without a pump you cannot filter, heat or clean your water. So how does it work?
Why Efficient Pool Pumps Matter
The basic mission of a pool pump is to acts as an engine to create a high velocity of water which is propelled toward the outer of the pump. Other capabilities are derived from this action such as filtration and backwashing. With a pump running, the water clarity and hygiene is maintained during the process. In other words, the pump serves as the power center that hepls to revitalize and refresh your pool.

Now that you know a pool pump plays such a crucial role in your pool, it might start to dawn on you that the energy needed would be far from insignificant. The electricity bills rise even higher if your pool is equipped with a single speed pump. This type of pump is set to run at the higher speeds required of the pool cleaner thus much energy is wasted during filtration by running faster than necessary, not to mention the incessant noise you have to bear.

Therefore, if you own a pool with single speed pump, you may back it up with a frequency controller, or make an upgrade with a variable speed pool pumps, but we highly suggest choosing inverter pool pump to get the desired feature.

Why So? Compared with variable speed pool pumps, inverter pumps can be programmed to run at different running capacities from 40% to 100%, increased, or decreased by 5%. It can better adapt to all needs and situations such as backwashing and proper filtration. To have a more enjoyable and more convenient swimming experience is now available with a inverter pool pump.

Post time: Dec-03-2020