How To Choose The Most Efficient Pool Pump For Your Swimming Pool?


How To Choose The Most Efficient Pool Pump For Your Swimming Pool?

How To Choose The Most Efficient Pool Pump For Your Swimming Pool?

Release time:2021.09.10

How To Choose The Most Efficient Pool Pump For Your Swimming Pool-6Your pool pump could be your home’s second largest energy user, costing you as much as $1800-$2400 in energy every year. If you have a malfunctioning pump or an older unit, it can save you much money to replace older single speed pool pumps with a more modern inverter pool pump that filters more efficiently.

Why An Energy Efficient Pool Pump Matters?

The most outstanding benefit of an efficient pool pump is to massively reduce the energy consumption, it matters to your wallet and the environment. Take the comparison of inverter pool pumps with the traditional single speed pumps as the example. Under the same conditions of filtering a 4-season pool size in 60m³, which averagely runs 18 hours in 365 days, a single speed pump consumes 9855 KW·h while an inverter pool pump InverPro only needs 1576.8 KW·h, saving 8278 KW·h and 6 times fees on electricity bill in one year. Moreover, efficient pool pumps are advanced in meeting the latest requirements in climate laws by saving energy for you and the environment. On 24 June, the European Parliament adopted the new Climate Law, which increases the current 2030 emissions reduction target of 40% to 55% and makes the 2050-climate neutrality goal legally binding. Under the trends of climate neutrality and 4-season swimming, efficient pool pumps like inverter pool pumps are more necessary in saving energy, saving you money, and helping protect the environment.How To Choose The Most Efficient Pool Pump For Your Swimming Pool-4

How to choose an efficient pool pump for your pool?

With hundreds of brands and types of pool pumps on the market, how to choose the right pool pump for your swimming pool? No worries, here’s the Choosing Guide in 5 key factors you need to consider on purchasing.    

    1.     Horsepower Traditionally, the more horsepower your pool pump has, the faster it can circulate the water over. But this also depends on the size of your pool, filter and the filtration system’s pipes. A three-horsepower pump may work more quickly for the three-inch pipes, but it will be a waste of energy and money for a small pool. Be sure to choose a pump that won’t overwhelm the filtration system, but still has enough horsepower to circulate your pool water at an adequate rate every day.

    2.     Controller A smart controller is the most powerful weapon for an efficient pool pump in reducing the energy consumption. By intelligently control the pump speed at an optimal capacity for different conditions, efficient pool pumps with inverter controllers have the highest efficiency in circulating the pool water without running at full speed all the time as the single speed pool pumps. The energy saving can reach up to 6 times by the latest inverter pool pump InverPro. Always choose the pool pump with the latest inverter controller that can keep your pool water clean while keeping the energy consumption to the lowest level.

    3.     Timer Your swimming pool pump doesn’t need to run all day long, it should be run an average 8 hours a day to properly circulate and clean your pool water. Generally, your pool pump is pushing your pool water through in a 4-6 hour period of time. Thus, you can set the timer to reduce the time you run your pool pump. An inverter pool pump with built-in timer is quite helpful in setting to run the proper amount of time in necessary for different seasons in a whole year.

    4.     The Pump Motor As the core part of pool pumps, less motor friction equals higher efficiency. The permanent magnet synchronous motors are usually used in most of the advanced efficient pool pumps, such as the inverter pool pump InverPro. It creates less friction than the induction motors and has higher power efficiency and longer durability. Take a closer look at the type of motor before buying your pool pump and choose the advanced type with least mechanical friction that causes power waste.

    5.     Hydraulic System Another hardware of the hydraulic system also affects the efficiency of pool pumps but always got ignored when people are selecting their pool pumps. Yet, hydraulic design like volute structure in InverPro that can improve the efficiency for water flow to get through the impeller is helpful for the pool pumps to utilize the power. Remember not to miss this feature when you choose your pool pump next time. How To Choose The Most Efficient Pool Pump For Your Swimming Pool-5


Selecting an energy efficient pool pump is not only for your wallet, but also meaningful to the environment protection nowadays. Therefore, choosing an efficient modern inverter pool pump is a wise choice to save the energy and further cost, as well as meeting the latest requirements of the climate laws in the long run. Devote your part in reducing the carbon emission by switching to the energy efficient and eco-friendly inverter pool pumps with Aquagem is also a good start for a better outdoor life.