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Go Green, Go Smart for 2019

Global warming has been the greatest threat to this planet. Everything we do has an environmental consequence, and we have the ability to mitigate the effect on the planet with each choice we make.

According to a UN report released last October, the world’s economies must quickly reduce fossil fuel use instantly, meantime, dramatically increasing use of clean and efficient energy. Otherwise, our planet will suffer drastically from global warming in just 12 years.

AQUAGEM_Go Green, Go Smart for 2019

As a smart and energy saving pool products supplier, we have this sense of mission and responsibility – because we cherish the limited resources around us, we must learn to save energy and reduce the cost. That’s why we are dedicated to developing and supplying innovative energy saving products for global pool users.

Every pool user would love to enjoy the backyard swimming pool that operates with superior energy efficiency. But how to have outdoor fun while championing smart energy use? Just choose your pool products wisely. The right line-up of energy-efficient pool accessories and a smart management will make a big difference. It provides a double dip of benefits: it’s healthier for the environment and better for cutting your routine energy costs.

You may have felt the superior performance of iSAVER+, the first touch screen frequency inverter designed specially for single speed pool pumps. Coming up this year, more innovative pool accessory products will be launching. We are ready to amaze you with smart and green innovation. Keep in touch with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and stay tuned with our latest news updates.

Post time: Jan-16-2019