Create a Poolside Movie Night


Create a Poolside Movie Night

Create a Poolside Movie Night

Release time:2021.01.07

Swimming relaxes the body, while movie works on the mind. But sometimes you can “have your cake and eat it too”. To do so, you’ll need just a few basic elements in place.

Choose the Right Projector
This is the foundation on which you’ll be building. Pay special attention to the lumens which refer to the brightness of the projector bulbs. Higher numbers can be seen more clearly in the light, while lower numbers may require nearly total darkness to really look their best. If you want to persuit a perfect vision, it is advisible to choose projectors of over 200 lm.

Another element that matters is the sound. Simply replying on the sound quality of projector is not the greatest option. At least turn to a soundbar which can easily be connected to most projectors.


Find a Screen
You can use almost any white surface here. A basic screen can be nothing more than a white sheet stretched out over the wall of your home, or a blank wall beside your pool. To go the extra mile, you can also invest in higher-quality and larger screens.


When it comes to setting the mood, choose low lighting options that are just soft enough to illuminate the surroundings without impacting the video quality in the slightest. Low-intensity LED lighting, outdoor lantern lights or even candles are perfect for this.

With the above settings, it would be easier than you think to create a poolside movie theater that blends movies and swimming perfectly. Meanwhile, Aquagem pool pump with anti-noise Inversilence technology can help you enjoy the happiness of watching movies and terrific atmosphere of the pool!