How to Get Air Out of Pool Pumps


How to Get Air Out of Pool Pumps

How to Get Air Out of Pool Pumps

Release time:2022.10.17

Pool pumps must be in good working condition to keep pool water clean and safe. However, pool owners may find it bothersome when excessive air enters the pump. Can air damage the pool pump? Yes, it can. Your swimming pool water pump may become overly noisy or stop working with too much air. Therefore, in this post, we will show you how to get air out of the pool pump to protect it from damaging.

Why IThere Air Inside The Pool Pump?

Before guiding you how to get air out of the pool pump, we should know why there is air in your pool pump. You recently cleaned your pool – that is the most likely reason. You stopped and started the pump by backwashing and flushing the system, causing some air into the system. It is also possible that the air gets into the pump when the water level in your pool is low and the water is not covering the bottom of the skimmer. If you emptied your pool throughout the winter, there could be air in most areas of the system.

How to Get Air Out of the Pool Pump?

Getting the air out of a pump is not easy, but with a few simple steps, you can have it out in no time. 

1. The Skimmer

Your pool pump will be sucking in air when your waterline is below half the skimmer plate. So if you find this hapennning, do the following steps:

Step 1: Use a garden hose to add more water to your pool.

Step 2: Check the covering on the built-in skimmer plate. Make sure it does not get stuck and moves freely.

Step 3: Be sure the skimmer basket is not damaged and is placed correctly in its suction hole when your pipes and weirs are in good condition.

2. The Pump

The pump lid, the O-ring seal around the pump lid, the pump basket, and the pump drain plugs are the parts of the pump where leaks can occur. If you find that bubbles still appear in the return jets after you turn on the pump, shut it off and disconnect it from the power supply. Then do the following: 

Step 1: Check the pump lid and the O-ring. Close the housing if the pump lid has cracks. If there is no crack, turn off the power before opening the unit and inspect the O-ring around the pump lid. If this rubber seal that keeps air out is cracked, deformed, or incomplete, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Step 2: Check the pump basket. Make sure it is in the proper location and is undamaged.

Step 3: Finally, check the drain plugs of the pump. Make sure these plugs are correctly seated.

3. Pool Plumbing

Check your plumbing for any cracks, especially its unions, and replace it if it is pinched. If the O-rings on the unions look good, check the plumbing joints like tees, elbows, and valve ports with an incense stick or cigarette on a windless day, and get as close as possible to all joints in the intake plumbing to see where is leaking and reseal them in time.

How Does the Inverter Pool Pump Remove Air and Intelligently Protect it from Damaging?

Inverter pool pumps remove air on the same principle as single-speed and variable-speed swimming pool pumps. However, the inverter pumps are more intelligent and automated. For example, Aquagem InverPro inverter pool pump, driven by the core innovative InverSilence® technology, could automatically adjust the running speed to your pool’s unique needs. When pressure variations in the swimming pool system reach a certain level, the InverPro activates its self-learning mode and automatically adjusts its speed to maintain a most appropriate flow rate. Therefore, when large pressure fluctuations occur, such as leaking pipes or closing valves by mistake, the pump automatically switches speeds.

Besides, based on the flow control mode of the pressure sensor, InverPro is one of the few pool pumps on the market with a no-water protection function. If the pump is not full of water before starting, it will automatically cut off the power and send a prompt alert to protect the pump from running dry. With InverPro, the swimming pool pump manufacturer Aquagem delivers a user-friendly and smart pool pump solution for pool novices, helping them to get started quickly through intelligent automation.


Choosing the right pool pump will make easy swimming possible. Starting now, add checking the water lines and cleaning the skimmer and the pump basket to your to-do list. Welcome to contact Aquagem experts for more smart pool pump solutions.