Aquagem Brings the Ultimate Energy-Efficient InverSilence® Tech for Pool to Combat Energy Crisis


Aquagem Brings the Ultimate Energy-Efficient InverSilence® Tech for Pool to Combat Energy Crisis

Aquagem Brings the Ultimate Energy-Efficient InverSilence® Tech for Pool to Combat Energy Crisis

Release time:2022.09.20

Under acute energy crisis, most people throughout the world have suffered ever-increasing electricity bills. For example, in the year to July, the UK’s electricity price witnessed a 54% increase. Even worse, it will increase by 80% beginning in October, with average annual household bills jumping from £1,971 to £3,549, according to the UK’s regulator Ofgem on August 26, 2022.

Aquagem, as the creator of InverSilence® Technology, brings the greatest energy-efficient pool solution to help fight against energy crisis.

InverSilence® Technology: The Ultimate Solution to a 15 Times Energy-Efficient Pool

InverSilence® is a self-developed and patented technology by Aquagem aiming to offer the most silent and energy-saving pool pump solutions for global customers.

InverSilence® tech developed three innovations by combining intelligent algorithms and unique designs:
Full Inverter Drive, the core technology of InverSilence® tech, can steplessly adjust the pool pump running speed between 30%-100% capacity, enabling pool owners to operate their pump at lower speeds and for a much longer period of time to avoid energy waste, which is impossible with single-speed pumps.

Special Volute Hydraulic System is equipped with a compact structure and strong hydraulic power, allowing for more turbulence-free flow with less noise than a diffuser vane.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motoralso known as Brushless DC motor, ensures that the pump is more energy-efficient and durable than an asynchronous motor. Aquagem’s motor efficiency class exceeds IE4, greatly above the IE3 efficiency level required by European Commission Regulation requires for pool pumps.

Powered by InverSilence® tech, Aquagem’s InverPro inverter pool pump saves energy up to 15 times and is 30 times quieter than typical single-speed pumps. It could assist a 50m³ pool owner save 8176 kWh of electricity, and €2371 per year.

Inverter Technology: The Future of Pool Pumps

Despite the fact that single-speed pool pumps are the most widely-used pumps in the world, accounting for 90% of all pool-equipped households, they are being phased out due to the big noise and significant energy waste. The United States Department of Energy has even prohibited the manufacture of single-speed pumps starting from July 19th, 2021.

Driven by the global pursuit of carbon neutrality and sustainable development, inverter pool pumps will one day completely replace single-speed pumps. Inverter technology has become an inevitable future trend for pool pumps.

About Aquagem

Aquagem, as the pioneer of InverSilence® technology and world’s first inverter pool pump manufacturer, has been striving to developing the most energy-efficient and silent pool solutions for more than 20 years.