How Much You Know About Lubrication Of Pool Pumps


How Much You Know About Lubrication Of Pool Pumps

How Much You Know About Lubrication Of Pool Pumps

Release time:2022.08.01

The importance of pool pump equipment lubrication: Equipment is one of the elements of enterprise production. To keep the equipment in a good technical state, it is necessary for pump manufacturers and consumers to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment during its use, and to lubricate it reasonably and perfectly. Only in this way can we control friction, reduce wear, reduce the energy consumed in the transmission mechanism, extend the life of the equipment, reduce equipment damage and failure, and reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, equipment lubrication is directly related to saving energy, materials and manpower, improving the quality, reliability, life and safety of mechanical products, and creating more material wealth. According to statistics, more than 1/3 of the world’s energy is ultimately manifested as friction loss in various forms in the process of various mechanical energy transfers.

Commonly used lubrication methods for pool pumps:

1. Manual refueling (Grease) Lubrication. The operator regularly uses an oil can or a gun to    add oil to the oil hole and the oil cup.

2. Dripping oil lubrication. Use oil to pass through a controllable hole on the oil dripping device under gravity, and drip oil to the lubrication part for lubrication at regular intervals.

3. Oil rope and oil pad lubrication. One end of the wick and oil pad is immersed in the oil pool, and the other end is in direct contact with the moving surface of the friction pair, and the capillary action is used to make the oil enter the friction pair for lubrication.

4. Lubrication of oil ring or oil chain. This kind of lubrication is to put the oil ring or oil chain on the journal so that the lower part is immersed in the oil pool. When the shaft rotates, the oil ring is driven by friction to rotate, thereby bringing the oil into the bearing for lubrication.

5. Oil bath or splash lubrication. The lubrication method of immersing the friction surface in the lubricating oil pool is called oil bath lubrication. The lubrication method of splashing the lubricating oil in the oil pool to the friction surface by the rotating moving parts immersed in the oil pool or the oil slinger and the oil sling attached to the shaft is called splash lubrication. The most typical equipment using oil bath and splash lubrication is a hermetic gearbox.

6. Forced lubrication. The external pressure oil is used to force the formation of an oil wedge or oil film on the friction surface, such as using a lubricating pool pump and so on.

For example:1)Rolling bearings, like adopting oil bath or splash lubrication at the same time with oil ring lubrication. 2.)Sliding bearing, using forced lubrication, such as supplying oil through an oil pump. 3) Use oil bath lubrication.


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