Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump, Makes Smart Swimming Pools Possible


Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump, Makes Smart Swimming Pools Possible

Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump, Makes Smart Swimming Pools Possible

Release time:2022.01.21

Nowadays, consumption upgrades have boosted the development in various industries. The 4-season swimming pools with pool heat pumps are becoming common. However, to support the 4-season running and to provide a better user experience, the pool appliances require massive upgrades as well, especially to the heart appliance of all, the pool pumps.


What’s more, the booming swimming pool market also brings huge potential for benefits.  The number of private swimming pools in France has reached 3, 000, 000. (data from FPP) And the swimming pool market scale of the United States has reached 126.11 billion dollars in 2021, with a growth rate of 25.1%.


To meet the new challenge and take one step earlier to grab the chance for occupying the market blank, it is important for pool distributors, suppliers and manufacturers to invest in the pool pump of the next generation, such as the full inverter pool pump created by Aquagem.


To fulfill the requirement for a 4-season swimming trend, the pool pump of the next generation needs to fulfill 3 key elements: smart, energy-saving and user-friendly.


 Smart’ Pool Becomes the New Trend 


With the release of GC Pool COP, the smart pool with remote control and automatic function adjustment has become the new trend. When it comes to a smart pool pump, it is supposed to fit the complicated needs with different seasons and application scenes.


As the creator of the first full DC inverter pool pump in the industry, Aquagem provides a new solution for the smart pool pump. Thanks to the InverSilence® technology developed by Aquagem, the full inverter controller allows the latest product Inverpro® to run intelligently between 30~100% capacity to fulfill different applications, which can fit the operation needs complex applications all year round.


By meeting the market needs in supporting the 4-season swimming and reducing the operation requirements, inverter pool pump helps the suppliers to attract more customers and save a lot of time, effort, and service fee on adjusting and maintaining the machines.

 Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump, Makes Smart Swimming Pools Possible

Pool Efficiency, The New Game Changer


As the Anti-Carbon Movement spreads, all-electric mandate is being promoted in the pool industry to meet carbon emissions, and there will be a huge gap market for energy-saving products. Especially for the 4-season pools, the energy consumption is a huge budget to be considerate.


By applying the full inverter technology InverSilence®, the energy costing of inverter pool pumps is much less than the of normal pool pumps. Up to 15 times energy can be saved by Aquagem’s latest product InverPro. Powered by the full inverter control and the efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor, InverPro is able to reach higher energy efficiency. And the energy fee it saves in one year can almost equal its own value.


The breakthroughs in energy-saving of Aquagem can not only help the clients win a warm welcome at the market. Moreover, investing in an energy-saving product could bring distributors and suppliers extra benefits from Carbon-Neutral rules.


User Experience Is Still the Key To Win Your Customers


Better user experience always wins customer loyalty, especially on the small details. Pool pump is usually the main source of noise among the pool appliances, yet it’s always got ignored. Thus, a silent pool pump is the bullet point to improve the user experience and win your customers’ hearts. 


Powered by the InverSilence® technology developed by Aquagem, the InverPro inverter pool pump operates at only 36dBA at 1 meter, which is 30 times quieter than on/off pumps. Thanks to the special hydraulic system, the noise is isolated by the volute structure which makes more turbulence-free flow at least noise. Distinguished from the other products on the market, the ultimate silence of Aquagem’s InverPro® subversively improves the user experience.



With the advantages of intelligent, energy-saving and silent running, the full inverter pool pumps can fulfill the 365-day operation requirements and improve the user experience all year round.


Meeting the industrial and customers’ needs in intelligence, environmental protection and better user experience can not only help win the customer loyalty and fine reputation, by investing the inverter pool pumps at the early stage, it can also help suppliers and distributors to occupy the market share from the very beginning and gain more profits with the industry upgrades.