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iSAVER Frequency Inverter for Single Speed Pool Pump

iSAVER pool pump frequency inverter is a low-cost solution designed to significantly reduce the running costs of swimming pool pumps and increase the efficiency of pool pumps. iSAVER’s energy saving effect and operating efficiency are specially prepared for your single speed pool pump.

Swimming pool pumps always operate at higher than necessary flow rates. iSAVER’s technology allows you to control pump flow and run time. iSAVER transforms traditional pool pump into variable speed pool pump, which saves energy costs. And you don’t have to re-purchase pump equipment.

iSAVER is TUV certified. Simply connect iSAVER to the power supply in the motor room and connect the circulation pump to iSAVER. Installation is usually less than 30 minutes. iSAVER has 3 timer programs in a 24-hour cycle that can be set according to your different requirements.

Let us look at some of the advantages of iSAVER.
It is easy to install. And it has a user-friendly control panel. You can use manual mode or automatic mode to control your pump. It is compatible with most single speed pumps. And compared to single speed pump, its energy saving effect is very obvious. Running longer, paying less. At the same time, iSAVER can reduce the wear of swimming pool pumps, reduce noise levels and improve the filtration system.

A significant advantage of inverter technology is that when your pool pump flow is reduced, energy savings are reduced at an extraordinary rate. For example, running longer, paying less, you can even save energy up to 80%. It is easy to see that this is why iSAVER pool pump frequency inverter can achieve energy saving in such a short time.

iSAVER Frequency Inverter for Single Speed Pool Pump - Aquagem

Post time: Sep-07-2018