Guidelines To Pumps For Swimming Pools


Guidelines To Pumps For Swimming Pools

Guidelines To Pumps For Swimming Pools

Release time:2022.08.01

Swimming pool water pumps generally use water centrifugal pumps, which can be divided into ordinary clean water centrifugal pumps and special circulating pumps for swimming pools. The following is based on the selection guide of the swimming pool filter pump.


The main control parameters for the selection of pool pumps for swimming pools are the pump casing material, impeller material, flow rate, head, power, efficiency, etc.


Water pumps used in swimming pools should be made of copper, stainless steel, plastic, and other corrosion-resistant materials to make impellers or pump casings.



Pool water pump technical requirements

1) The sum of the capacity of the swimming pool pumps should be greater than or equal to the running head required by the filtration and backwashing of all systems.

2) A cleanable hair filter must be set in the swimming pool pump.

3) The swimming pool water pump and motor should be easy to overhaul and maintain, and the design and construction of the water pump and its components should ensure safe operation.

4) The mechanical seal of the swimming pool pump should be anti-corrosion and can work well in the swimming pool operating environment.

5) The external dimensions of the swimming pool pump should be as compact as possible, and its electrical and mechanical structure are suitable for general swimming pool installation, load, and environmental conditions.

6) The water pump motor can work at full load within the range of plus or minus 10% of the rated voltage.

7) All water pool pump motors should have thermal and current overload protection, set inside the motor or at the starting point of the line, to provide lock rotation and operation protection.

8)Up to safety protection grade


Pool water pump selection points

1) For swimming pools with different usage requirements, the swimming pool filter pump should be set independently.

2)Use water swimming pools of similar nature, and other water swimming pool pumps should be set up independently.

3)The number of swimming pool water pumps should be determined by not less than two working at the same time.

4) The swimming pool water pump should be a low-speed, low-noise, high-efficiency water pump, the performance curve should be as smooth as possible, and the working range must be in the high-efficiency area.

5) The pump casing, impeller, and mechanical seal of the swimming pool pump should be made of corrosion-resistant materials.

6) The pool pump and the pipe connecting should be equipped with shock absorption and noise reduction measures.

7) The flow rate of the pool pump suction pipe should be 1.0~1.5m/s; the flow rate of the water pump outlet pipe should be 1.5~2.5m/s.


Swimming pool water pump construction and installation points

1) The construction and installation of the swimming pool pump from the pool pump manufacturer should comply with the “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Compressor, Fan, and Pump Installation Engineering”

2) The foundation of the swimming pool filter pump should be constructed according to the design drawings. The anchor bolts of the stable motor should be firmly combined with the concrete foundation. The embedded holes should be cleaned before pouring. The bolts themselves should not be skewed, and the mechanical strength should meet the requirements.

3) The base of the pool water pump should have a shock-absorbing rubber pad, the rubber pad is in close contact with the foundation surface, the shell has separate bolts, and it is hot-dipped electroplated.

4) The pool water pump from pool pump suppliers is connected with the motor drive shaft, and the allowable axial and radial error does not exceed the specified value.

5) Pressure gauges and valves should be installed at the inlet and outlet of the pool water pump.

6). Pipe connection: Connect the reducer/telescopic pipe directly to the pump. The piping of the pump should be installed after the pump is positioned, leveled, and stabilized. The pump equipment must not bear the weight of the pipeline. The installation sequence is the flexible shock-absorbing joint, the valve, and the water pump in turn.

7). The piping flange should be consistent with the flange of the pump and valve. The valve installation handle direction should be easy to operate, the elevation should be the same, and the piping should be neatly arranged.

8) Electrical connection: Comprehensive protection to prevent accidental contact, the junction box should be suitable for flexible connection.


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