Pool Pump Basics: What Is Water Cooling Technology and How Does It Work?


Pool Pump Basics: What Is Water Cooling Technology and How Does It Work?

Pool Pump Basics: What Is Water Cooling Technology and How Does It Work?

Release time:2023.05.30

The pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool circulation system. It provides the power to circulate the water. In recent years, pool owners increasingly prioritized energy efficiency and noise levels of their pool pumps. Driven by this, there is a growing demand from pool owners for more sustainable pool pump solutions. These demands encourage pool pump suppliers to innovate on pool pumps to maximize energy efficiency and minimize noise levels even further, which includes the continued evolution of pool pump technology. We will introduce in this article the InverSilence-Cooling Technology incorporates Water Cooling System and how it works when applied to pool pumps.

Energy Efficient Solution

What Is Water Cooling Technology?

Water cooling (also called liquid cooling) is a method of heat removal from components and industrial equipment for example, to reduce the temperature of a motor. The cooling medium used for this process is typically water rather than air. Utilizing the properties of liquids, water cooling technology reduces the heat in electronic and mechanical devices more effectively and generally as a quieter solution.

How Does Water Cooling Technology Work When Applied to A Pool Pump?

When applied to pool pumps, water cooling technology eliminates using a fan to cool down the motor. The water used in this new water cooling system is constantly circulated and recycled in the pool, thus canceling out the energy and noise of the air cooling fan. On the new InverMaster inverter pool pump developed by Aquagem, for example, the pool water will be sucked up by the pump and flow through the pipes inside the pump, where most water enters the water circulation system. A small portion of the water will flow to the motor, creating a liquid package to cool the electric motor. It then returns to the water circulation system through the pipes inside the pump after cooling. As one of the main improvements of liquid cooling technology over air cooling technology, this design avoids the noise caused by the running fan while at the same time increasing the heat dissipation efficiency of water.


What Is A Good Water Cooling Pump for A Swimming Pool?

Aquagem's newly developed InverMaster inverter pool pump will be a good choice of water cooling pump for pool. The InverSilence-Cooling technology applied to the InverMaster pool pumps evolved from Aquagem's original InverSilence® technology, which was used in Aquagem's previous generation of air-cooled pumps and received positive feedback from the market. The InverSilence® technology combines inverter drives, volute hydraulic structure, and brushless DC motor to create the quietest and most energy-efficient inverter solution by precisely controlling motor speed through intelligent algorithms. Aquagem's InverPro, which is very popular in the market, has achieved 15 times energy saving and operation as low as 33 decibels with InverSilence® technology.

Based on the InverSilence® technology, the water cooling system performs even more surprisingly. It allows the InverMaster to run without a fan, reducing the operating noise to 30dB(A) at 1 meter, which is 40 times more silent than a single-speed pump. The unique design of the water flow passage and volute hydraulic structure further enhances the efficiency of the hydraulic performance in water cooling pumps. Compared to conventional single-speed pumps, the InverMaster delivers up to 20 times energy saving. The InverMaster water cooling pumps provide a steady, safe water flow for water circulation systems through a simple, efficient principle.



Technology innovation is profoundly affecting the swimming pool industry. Pool pump manufacturers are increasingly adopting new technologies to improve product design, efficiency, and user experience to support the evolving innovation trends in the pool industry. The lnverSilence® technology developed by Aquagem is the leading technology for addressing noise and inefficiency in pumping applications. And with the addition of water cooling technology to lnverSilence® technology, Aquagem's latest InverMaster inverter pool pump takes the energy efficiency and silent experience of inverter pool pumps to an even higher level - up to 40 times more silent and 20 times energy saving. Combining an inverter drive, volute hydraulic structure, and water-cooling IE5 motor, the InverMaster pool pump brings pool owners the quietest and most energy-efficient pool pump solution available. Welcome to follow Aquagem on LinkedIn and Facebook for the latest information on water cooling pumps.